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New Features In iOS 17 AirDrop Explained 

iOS 17 introduces a convenient new gesture for AirDrop transfers, streamlining the process of finding and connecting with other devices.

New Features In iOS 17 AirDrop Explained 
New Features In iOS 17 AirDrop Explained

AirDrop has been a standout feature of Apple’s iPhones, enabling seamless sharing of photos and files with nearby devices.

In iOS 17, Apple is set to elevate AirDrop’s capabilities with a range of exciting new features that promise to enhance its usability and make it a vital part of your iPhone experience.

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From improved pairing and sharing options to personal branding and communication safety enhancements, AirDrop in iOS 17 is poised to revolutionize the way you share content.

1. Contact Posters

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Your AirDrop Identity In iOS 17, the introduction of Contact Posters allows you to define your AirDrop identity. Before initiating an AirDrop transfer, you can customize your Contact Poster by selecting a favorite photo or a personalized Memoji.

Apple provides a variety of fonts and background colors to personalize your poster, making it a reflection of your unique style. Contact posters will appear during AirDrop transfers and when making calls to compatible iPhones, becoming an integral part of the iOS 17 interface.

2. New Gesture 

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iOS 17 introduces a convenient new gesture for transfers, streamlining the process of finding and connecting with other devices.

By bringing two iOS or Watch OS devices in close proximity, the new gesture initiates a visually appealing animation and displays your contact poster.

Furthermore, the addition of NameDrop allows you to selectively share contact information, enabling you to choose which phone numbers and email addresses to send.

3. SharePlay Integration With iOS 17

AirDrop is seamlessly integrated with SharePlay, a feature available to developers for inclusion in their apps. SharePlay expands AirDrop’s capabilities beyond simple file transfers, enabling you to share experiences with others.

For example, you can use AirDrop to share music playlists, ensuring you and your friend listen to the same songs simultaneously.

SharePlay also supports synchronized movie watching, with numerous apps like CrunchyRoll, Paramount Plus, and Disney Plus set to offer compatibility.

While Netflix’s support for these features is still uncertain, the potential for multiplayer gaming through AirDrop and SharePlay is also introduced.

4. AirDrop via iCloud

A significant improvement to AirDrop by enabling the completion of transfers even when you move out of range. Previously, staying near the recipient’s phone was necessary to complete the AirDrop session.

Now, with iCloud integration, you can initiate an AirDrop transfer and continue sharing files and photos even if you move away, as long as both you and the recipient have iCloud accounts.

This enhancement eliminates the need for special download links or downsized images, providing a more seamless sharing experience.

5. Communication Safety Enhancements

Apple acknowledges the unfortunate occurrence of unwanted and sensitive content being shared via AirDrop. In iOS 17, Apple takes strides to address this issue by introducing communication safety improvements throughout the system.

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These enhancements include the detection and blurring of sensitive content in photos and contact posters. Users are given the choice to view or hide such content.

The communication safety features extend to iMessages, FaceTime messages, and even third-party apps, with Apple empowering developers to implement similar protective tools.

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