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Volkswagen Mobile Quick Charging Station Will Plus Your Fun

You could top up in the parking lot within 17 minutes.

Volkswagen cars at a power charging station/Photo file: Engadget

Volkswagen is seriously working to improve the users experience while driving electric cars. The automobile company sets out a peek at a mobile station whose 360kWh charging capacity and 100kW DC quick charging can top up as much as 15 EVs (with, VW’s ID cars) with an average time of 17 minutes.

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Should you drive your car out for an even, there will be absolutely no need looking for a special charging station, Volkswagen is saying you can charge your car right at your parking space at the premises. A clearer picture is your phone power bank, but this time it’s your car power bank.

Meanwhile, the idea is that when the battery runs low that you can no longer use it – it will be changed for a newer one.

Volkswagen revealed that when it is plugged to charge for up to 30kW, then it can serve as a permanent station. Moreover, when it is charged to 30kW…the color turns green at that point solar or wind can charge it. It could also be helpful for taking some of the burden off the local electrical power at peak hours.

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You might not see the mobile charging station running now. The first set of it could be available in Volkswagen home town of Wolfsburg, South Africa in the first half of 2019, but only as part of a pilot project.

We are certain that it will be available for other cities and communities in 2020. Even at that, it could be very important to filling the gaps in charging infrastructure as EVs hit the mainstream. You wouldn’t have to plan stadium visits around your car’s battery levels.

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