Tesla’s Supercharger Network To Hit Major Part of Europe in 2019

Tesla's Supercharger Network To Hit Major Part of Europe in 2019 - Surge Zirc SA
Tesla cars/Photo credit: Engadget

Tesla’s Supercharger – Elon Musk has declared on Twitter that Tesla is coming up with a Supercharger enlargement which will cover “100 percent of Europe” next year. “From Ireland to Kiev (Ukraine), from Norway to Turkey,” he added, in response to a tweet that some parts of Ireland are badly in need of superchargers.

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The maker started making ready the Model three Tesla’s Supercharger for European markets back in November 3, displaying it in showrooms in different countries across the continent.

At same time, the corporate additionally said that the vehicle’s European version can return equipped with Combined Charging System (CCS) quick charging-compatible ports. additionally, Tesla aforesaid it’ll upgrade its existing Tesla’s Superchargers within the continent with CCS plugs before Model three hit out.

If the corporate plans to retrofit existing Superchargers with CCS plugs, then the new installations would possibly already accompany them from the point. Since CCS technology is often used for EVs in Europe, individuals puzzled whether or not Tesla intends to open up its network to alternative companies’ vehicles.

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Tesla’s head of worldwide charging infrastructure, Drew Bennett, said the corporate has been discussing with alternative automakers, however, there are no concrete plans as yet.

Tesla’s Supercharger will surely get to everyone who desires it.

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