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Business Robbery In Blackburn – KZN Results In Three Suspects Killed And Two Victims Injured

Arriving at the scene, the Reaction Officers encountered a chaotic and dangerous situation. The business robbery had escalated into a violent confrontation,

Three suspects were fatally shot and two victims sustained injuries in a business robbery that took place in Blackburn, KwaZulu-Natal this afternoon. The incident prompted multiple calls to Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA), reporting an ongoing shootout at a General Dealer.

In response to the urgent situation, Reaction Officers were swiftly dispatched to the scene and quickly assessed the situation, discovering that the incident spanned across four different locations.

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The swift response by Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) in Blackburn, KwaZulu-Natal, during a recent business robbery, resulted in the neutralization of three suspects and the prevention of further harm to innocent victims.

The incident, which unfolded across four different locations, highlights the crucial role played by RUSA in maintaining public safety and combating crime.

Upon receiving multiple distress calls reporting an ongoing shootout at a General Dealer in Blackburn, RUSA promptly dispatched their highly trained Reaction Officers to the scene. Their quick arrival allowed them to assess the situation and take immediate action to protect the lives of those involved.

Arriving at the scene, the Reaction Officers encountered a chaotic and dangerous situation. The business robbery had escalated into a violent confrontation, with armed suspects exchanging gunfire with the victims and potentially endangering the lives of innocent bystanders.

The officers swiftly took control of the situation, ensuring the safety of the victims and neutralizing the immediate threat posed by the armed suspects.

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As the officers secured the initial crime scene, they received information that the incident had spread across multiple locations. Recognizing the need for a coordinated response, RUSA quickly deployed additional resources to the other affected areas.

This strategic move allowed them to effectively contain the situation and prevent the suspects from causing further harm or escaping justice.

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Officers discovered the body of a man next to a river. He sustained gunshot wounds and blunt-force trauma to his body and head. It was established that he was a suspect in the robbery that occurred approximately two hundred meters away.

He was shot by the victim and collapsed in the yard. Members of the community dragged him to the river where they assaulted him. They placed a tyre over his head and attempted to set it alight.

While attending to the initial scene, Reaction Officers were advised that two (2) victims were shot in the nearby vicinity. RUSA Paramedics located a residence in the same yard as the General Dealer.

It was established that the homeowner was confronted by five (5) robbers as they exited the store. The suspects opened fire at him and his family. The man drew his 9mm CZ 75 pistol and returned fire.

One suspect was shot but was dragged from the yard and killed by the community next to a river. CCTV footage (posted in comments) showed his accomplices searching him and fleeing with his firearm prior to the mob arriving.

The 41-year-old victim was shot in the chest & right thigh and his 33-year-old cousin was shot in the buttocks and leg. The 21-year-old General Dealer sustained blunt force trauma to his head after he was pistol-whipped. The injured were stabilised on scene before being expedited to hospital by ambulance.

The remaining suspects were pursued on foot by members of the community. One of the criminals had surrendered after being confronted by a Private Security Officer, they noticed. The Officer managed to recover a 9mm pistol from the suspect before the community beat him to death.

A third fleeing suspect opened fire on a Fidelity ADT Special Intervention Unit Officer outside Cornubia Mall in Cornubia, KZN. The officer got out of his vehicle and opened fire. The suspect was shot several times and killed on the spot.

He was found to be in possession of two firearms. The officer’s Toyota Hilux bakkie was fired, but he was unharmed. Two suspects are said to have fled in a silver Toyota Corolla and are still at large.

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Keitumetse Modise for SurgeZirc SA
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