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Five Suspected Bank Robbers Fatally Shot In Exchange Of Gunfire With Police, Female Robber Surrenders

"In the ensuing shootout, five suspects aged between 25 and 35 were fatally wounded, and a female suspect was arrested," stated Colonel Mogale.

On Monday, an exchange of gunfire between different police units and a group of suspected “bank follow” robbers on the N14 Ventersdorp Highway resulted in the fatal wounding of five suspects.

According to Colonel Katlego Mogale, spokesperson for the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (known as the Hawks), one female suspect was also arrested during the incident.

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Colonel Mogale explained, “It is alleged that intelligence-driven information was received regarding suspects in a silver-grey Toyota and a white VW Polo who were planning to commit a robbery in or near Carletonville.

“This information was acted upon, and the vehicles were observed driving around various banks in Carletonville.”

The law enforcement team, consisting of various units including private security, strategically followed the suspects as they left the Carletonville area.

However, upon realizing that they were being pulled over by the police, the suspects opened fire on the law enforcement team.

“In the ensuing shootout, five suspects aged between 25 and 35 were fatally wounded, and a female suspect was arrested,” stated Colonel Mogale.

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He further added, “The suspects’ vehicles have been positively linked to three cases in Groblersdal, Secunda, and Hercules.”

This incident highlights the dangers faced by law enforcement officers in their efforts to combat organized crime, particularly in cases involving bank robberies.

The exchange of gunfire serves as a reminder of the risks these officers willingly undertake to protect the public and maintain law and order.

The term “bank follow” refers to a criminal technique where suspects monitor individuals who have withdrawn large sums of money from a bank. They then follow these individuals with the intent to rob them.

This method of robbery poses a significant threat to the safety and security of both the targeted individuals and the general public.

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The successful operation conducted by the integrated law enforcement team demonstrates the importance of intelligence-driven investigations and proactive measures in combating such crimes. By acting on the received information, the team was able to intercept the suspects before they could carry out their planned robbery.

While the loss of life is always regrettable, the actions taken by the law enforcement team were necessary to protect innocent lives and prevent further criminal activities. The arrest of the female suspect provides an opportunity for further investigation into the criminal network involved in these bank robberies.

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Keitumetse Modise for SurgeZirc SA
Keitumetse Modise for SurgeZirc SA
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