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Former Sizok’thola Presenter Xolani Khumalo Accused Of Another Murder

State prosecutor Pheello Vilakazi expressed frustration with Moja Love's delay in providing the footage, stating that they initially agreed to provide it but later reneged on their promise.

Xolani Khumalo, a former Sizok’thola presenter and anti-drug activist, finds himself in the midst of yet another murder accusation.

According to Sunday World, Khumalo, along with his crew and the police, allegedly ambushed and killed a Congolese man named Heriter Abuba at Y2K nightclub on 20 March.

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The Allegations

Heriter Abuba’s brother, John Wembo, claims that Khumalo and his team, who are not associated with the DSTV channel, were armed with guns during the incident. Wembo alleges that they ordered his brother to lie down, and when he didn’t comply, one of the crew members kicked him in the abdomen, causing him to fall to the ground. Wembo further states that his brother was then assaulted and kicked multiple times, resulting in profuse bleeding.

Wembo recounts that his brother requested to go to the bathroom, and when given permission, he stood up but immediately collapsed. Khumalo and his team then called for an ambulance, as they allegedly realized that Abuba was in critical condition. Unfortunately, Abuba passed away after being admitted to the hospital.

The Murder Case and Khumalo’s Dismissal

Khumalo was previously fired as the Sizok’thola host last year, and his dismissal is connected to the death of a drug dealer named Robert “Kicks” Varrie. Varrie was the subject of a drug bust at his Katlehong home, which was attended by the Sizok’thola crew.

Khumalo handed himself over to the Katlehong North Police Station in September, where he was charged with murder and later granted R20,000 bail.

During court proceedings in November, it was revealed that Khumalo faces additional charges of robbery with aggravating circumstances and malicious property damage.

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However, the trial faced a setback on 22 February of this year when Moja Love, the channel that aired Sizok’thola, failed to provide video evidence requested by the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court through Section 205 of the Criminal Procedure Act.

State prosecutor Pheello Vilakazi expressed frustration with Moja Love’s delay in providing the footage, stating that they initially agreed to provide it but later reneged on their promise. The case was postponed for further investigation and is set to return to court on 11 April.

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The Ongoing Controversy

This latest accusation adds to the already controversial reputation of Xolani Khumalo. As an anti-drug activist, Khumalo had positioned himself as a crusader against the drug trade, using his platform on Sizok’thola to expose drug dealers and their operations. However, these allegations of violence and murder raise questions about his own involvement and methods.

It is important to note that these are accusations and that Khumalo has not been convicted of any crime at this stage. The court proceedings will determine his guilt or innocence. Until then, the public and the media should refrain from jumping to conclusions and allow the legal process to run its course.

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