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Mercedes-Benz Is Trying To Put ChatGPT In Your Car

Mercedes and Microsoft both boast Azure's "enterprise-grade security, privacy, and reliability" when it comes to data security.

Mercedes-Benz Is Trying To Put ChatGPT In Your Car - SurgeZirc SA
Mercedes-Benz Is Trying To Put ChatGPT In Your Car.

Mercedes-Benz is rolling out ChatGPT. The automaker is bringing the viral natural-language model to its in-car voice assistant by utilizing Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service.

It will initially be accessible in select vehicles in a three-month pilot trial for US consumers, but Mercedes says it will consider a wider and more permanent rollout in the future.

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ChatGPT integration may give the automaker’s “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant a boost. Rather of simply responding to simple and pre-programmed orders like “Turn up the heat” or “What’s the forecast,” it can hold genuine conversations about almost any topic, including contextual follow-up questions.

(For the first time, 1980s kids may live out their Knight Rider fantasies.) Furthermore, Mercedes says it is “exploring” ChatGPT plugins to enable natural language operations such as making restaurant reservations or ordering movie tickets.

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Although having a lengthy conversation on the road may result in inattentive driving, the fact that it is voice-only should reduce the risk of recklessness. It might even help by addressing questions you’d otherwise be inclined to look up on your phone while driving.

Mercedes and Microsoft both boast Azure’s “enterprise-grade security, privacy, and reliability” when it comes to data security.

Nonetheless, the firms state that your communications will be “stored in the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Cloud, where it is anonymized and analyzed.”

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In other words, consider that people will listen to your recordings for training and data analysis, and avoid saying anything personal that could identify you personally.

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The three-month beta period starts on June 16th and will only cover select Mercedes cars equipped with the MBUX infotainment system.

(The list of acceptable automobiles can be seen in the footnotes here.) To participate in the program, tell the car’s built-in voice assistant, “Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program.”

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