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Hey, Galaxy Note 9 Owners: Let’s Hear From You, Is This True?

If you've spent some quality hands-on time with the Galaxy Note 9, it's time to submit your user review.

Hey, Galaxy Note 9 Owners: Let's hear from you, Is This True? - Surge Zirc SA
Galaxy Note 9/Photo file: Engadget

It’s been four months since we reviewed Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, a handset that earned an unusually high score of 92. Since then, the phone has racked up a strong army of fans. When we tested it, we found it “lived up to its lofty expectations” with a large, brilliant AMOLED screen, significantly improved S Pen functionalities and an improved battery life that lasted around two days, on average.

We also enjoyed the water resistance, fast Snapdragon 845 chip and the updated camera features. However, we were a little disappointed that the phone shipped with an outdated OS (Android Oreo). We also were less than impressed with Bixby, which reviewer Cherlynn Low said is “still kind of a mess.”

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But that was our experience — now we want to hear yours. A few of you have already submitted some thoughtful reviews of the Note 9 and have given the handset some outstanding scores, but we’d like to hear from even more real-world users.

Are you using DeX mode much? Is the Intelligent Scan unlock feature working flawlessly for you? (Or does it fumble occasionally?) And how bad is Bixby, really? Share all your opinions and impressions here and give it the score you think it deserves.

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Please Note: We may submit your comments to the Galaxy Note 9 product page exactly as you dropped them.

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