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Apple Will Let You See Its Redesigned 16-Inch MacBook Pro Today

Apple Will Let You See Its Redesigned 16-Inch MacBook Pro Today - Surge Zirc SA
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If you’ve been wondering what’s going on with the fabled 16-inch MacBook Pro then we’ve got you an answer right away, as the producing company said it coming sooner than you can imagine.

Bloomberg publishers revealed that Apple may roll-out the revamped laptop on November 13th, that’s today, if you’re reading on November 13th 2019. The leak from Bloomberg didn’t share much about the laptop design.

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But it apparent that it will still stuff a 16-inch display into a system roughly the size of normal 15-inch model, and would ditch the notoriously unreliable butterfly keyboard. Further-leak from some insiders says the new MacBook Pro is expected to cost about the same price as the outgoing model, and would surely be available this week.

Don’t border yourself if the producer is going to use this as an opportunity to hike price.

We aren’t sure of what’s going to happen to the 13-inch model as nothing was said about it, although we are not surprise. The tech giant had concluded an update on the smaller laptop as recent as July, that recent enough to talk about an update, let alone considering fading out.

”Although Intel have 10th-gen laptop chips, they are U- and Y-series chips meant mainly for ultra-portables instead of in-between systems like the higher-end 13-inch MacBook Pro,” analyst reports.

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You may also expect more Mac update before the year runs out. A tipster revealed that Apple is preparing to ship the modified Mac Pro in December, only squeaking into Apple’s promised fall release window.

We have nothing more to share about that, though there is surely a historical precedent for this when the iMac Pro shipped down in middle of December 2017.

Source: Engadget tech

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