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Seagate’s Newest Portable SSDs Are Packaged In Fabric And Camo

Seagate's Newest Portable SSDs Are Packaged In Fabric And Camo - Surge Zirc SA
Seagate SSDs / Photo file: Engadget

One of the best ways to spice up an external SSDs and make it stand out based on specs is to make them look at home clipped to your backpack. Seagate has recently introduced some set of One Touch SSDs that are covered in either fabric for those who prefer plain black or white or Special Edition camo fill patterns.

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Certainly, this is a simple trick, but it might just hit the target faster than you can say fast mostly if you’re tired of sterile-looking drives that shouts “technology.” Moreover, they’re very much pocket-able, at under 3 inches long only.

Though you must not expect the One Touch SSDs to compete on raw speed. They standout at a relatively modest 400MB/s for sequential reads and writes, and they’re using USB 3.0 ports instead of USB-C. They are built more for consistent backups and file transfers than positioning them for intensive work.

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Surely, the capacities and prices on them reflect those expectations. For the One Touch SSD models, they will arrive in October starting at $105 for a regular 500GB drive, and $200 for a 1TB version. Then when you are heading for the Special Edition you will pay $110 for a 500GB variant. Mind you, there’s no 1TB camo model, alas.

We think the prices are absolutely okay for what you’re getting, next, we have to border whether they’re enough or not.


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