Boeing Shows Its Starliner's Latest Parachute Test - Surge Zirc SA
HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 24: A mockup of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft is seen inside the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility during a media preview for an upcoming public open house at NASA’s Johnson Space Center on October 24, 2018 in Houston, Texas. The public open house will celebrate NASA’s 60th anniversary and the International Space Station’s 20th anniversary. (Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images)

As SpaceX and Boeing continue with their commercial crew space race, Boeing posted this video showing a test of the parachutes on its Starliner vehicle. The plan is for the crew to parachute down in the American southwest after departing the ISS aboard Boeing’s spacecraft, and keep it in good enough shape to be reused up to ten times.

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We’ve seen video of similar tests for the SpaceX Dragon capsule, and even close-up images of the Starliner crashing down on its airbags. The spacecraft’s first uncrewed flight test has been pushed back repeatedly and is now on the schedule for August — while we hope we never see these features deployed, they’re important to test before anyone actually takes a ride in the thing.

 Source: engadget