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Toyota’s 2020 Prius Prime Car Arrives With CarPlay And Alexa

Toyota's 2020 Prius Prime Car Arrives With CarPlay And Alexa - Surge Zirc SA
Toyota car / Photo file: Engadget

When Toyota unveiled its revamped Prius Prime plug-in hybrid car, we largely liked everything about it, except for the wonky infotainment system. With the 2020 model car, Toyota has corrected that shortcoming, now offering it with both Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa support. They’ll come as a standard trim option for all Prius Primes, which start at $27,600, not including the $4,500 federal tax credit.

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The Prius Prime delivers 25 miles or all-electric range, enough for many folks to never burn gas during their daily commutes. If you do need to take it on a road trip, you’ll get 54 mpg combined fuel economy, making it one of the most economical cars on the road. Other new features include a fifth rear seat, black interior and two USB ports for rear passengers.

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Toyota revamped the design for the 2018 Prius and while it still looks a bit bizarre, it’s less unattractive than the last model. Still, sales are down considerably for the pioneering hybrid car, possibly due to increased competition in both hybrid and EV categories. You’ll be able to get it in regular LE, XLE and Limited trim categories starting at $27,600, $250 more than last year’s base model.

Source: engadget

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