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Malema Says EFF ‘More Than Happy’ To Provide Zimbabweans With Buses To Go Home For Elections

Malema: "Don't Vote For Me, I don't Want Your Xenophobic Vote"-SurgeZirc SA
Malema Says EFF ‘More Than Happy’ To Provide Zimbabweans With Buses To Go Home For Elections

EFF leader Julius Malema says that his party is “more than happy” to provide buses for Zimbabweans living in South Africa so they can return home and vote in their nation’s upcoming presidential election.

Malema stated that Zimbabweans living abroad must assume responsibility and work towards their own liberation.

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“We call on all Zimbabweans who are here in South Africa to go back home and vote. If it means coming back, they can come back. They are more than welcome, but they must do the right thing. No-one is going to fight for Zimbabweans who are loitering in the streets here, they are their own liberators,” he said.

Anyone in need of transportation should go to the EFF offices, where party officials “will be more than happy to rent buses for them to go home and vote,” according to Malema.

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It is unclear whether Zimbabweans will be required to pay for the trip out of pocket or if the EFF will do so.

“The elections mark a critical opportunity for the people of Zimbabwe to elect a government of their choice, to uplift the nation from the poverty that defines what was once known as the breadbasket of Africa. We call on Zanu-PF to resist the urge to practise violence against its political opponents and from any form of intimidation of citizens to coerce their vote,” sad Malema.

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Build One SA movement leader Mmusi Maimane previously called on the government to make sure there are free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

“We must stop supporting elections which are not conducted in a free and fair environment, we must stop supporting elections that are rigged and we must stop allowing South African banks to be used by money laundering members of the Gold Mafia,” he said.

“We cannot keep supporting Zanu-PF because of what they did during the liberation struggle. They are now the oppressor. We must be honest and direct with them and tell them we cannot afford to keep paying the bill for their oppression and corruption. Time is up.

“To solve this issue, we need to make sure there are free and fair elections in Zimbabwe in August. That doesn’t happen in August, it starts now. South Africa has influence on Zimbabwe and we must use it more than we use our influence on Russia and Ukraine because this is happening in our neighbourhood.”

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