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EFF Path To Power: “We Are Ready To Participate In National Government, Ramaphosa Must Go”

"If, after the 2024 elections, the ANC adopts an arrogant stance and insists on Ramaphosa or nothing, they shall receive nothing," he emphasized.

EFF's Path To Power: "We Are Ready To Participate In National Government, Ramaphosa Must Go"
EFF’s Path To Power: “We Are Ready To Participate In National Government, Ramaphosa Must Go”

As the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) reflects on its remarkable decade-long plan to becoming South Africa’s third-largest political party, the party’s red berets remain firmly committed to dethroning the ANC from power, with a particular focus on removing Cyril Ramaphosa from the presidency.

As part of the build-up to a momentous rally planned to commemorate the EFF’s anniversary this weekend, Deputy President Floyd Shivambu engaged in a candid conversation with Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, shedding light on the currents of South African politics and confronting the crucial question – the fate of President Ramaphosa.

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Regarding whether Ramaphosa would retain power after the upcoming elections, Shivambu asserted that if a new government were to emerge, they would not entertain negotiations on Ramaphosa continuing as president.

“If, after the 2024 elections, the ANC adopts an arrogant stance and insists on Ramaphosa or nothing, they shall receive nothing,” he emphasized.

Ideally, Shivambu hoped that the ANC’s share of the votes in the 2024 national general election would fall below 50%. He envisioned all opposition political parties, regardless of their ideological positions, coming together to collectively dethrone the ANC from power completely.

However, the ultimate prize for the EFF would be to fully “unplug” the ANC from government affairs. According to Shivambu, the ANC had become overly reliant on governmental structures, and dismantling their influence entirely was the goal.

“We must completely unplug them and dismantle their influence in every aspect of society – from recalling all their ambassadors and removing their appointees to police commissioners and army generals. A thorough and surgical removal from power is what opposition parties should strive for,” Shivambu asserted.

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Nonetheless, Shivambu also revealed concerns about a potential emerging agenda, purportedly orchestrated by the Oppenheimer family, that sought to isolate the EFF and portray the party as an enemy force.

“The Oppenheimers have historically played a central role in South African politics, and they now appear to be planning political transitions in the country,” he stated.

While acknowledging that other parties like the DA and ActionSA had received substantial donations from the Oppenheimers, Shivambu asserted the EFF’s independence and unwavering commitment to its collective decisions.

“The EFF is an autonomous organization. Once we collectively agree on a course of action, we stand by it. No external entity controls our decisions, except for our elected leaders,” he emphasized.

Shivambu further expressed that the Oppenheimers’ concern stemmed from the EFF’s rise to prominence. He declared that once the EFF gained power, they would reverse the Oppenheimers’ dominance, implement land and mineral resource redistribution, and empower all South Africans.

As the EFF celebrates its 10th anniversary, Shivambu took time to reflect on the party’s evolution over the past decade, highlighting its triumphs, challenges, and vision for the future.

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He revealed that the EFF had a well-structured plan and strategy since its inception, which had propelled its growth in the last ten years.

Part of this strategy involved aiming to garner at least four million votes in the upcoming elections, with the ambitious goal of securing a majority vote share by 2029 to lead the government.

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