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Taxpayers Paid Nearly R450K For Cele’s Assistant’s Rugby World Cup Final Trip

Duvenage suggests that by spending taxpayer money on lavish events, Cele shows a lack of respect for the challenges faced by his employees and the public.

Police Minister Bheki Cele is facing scrutiny this week, not for his crime-fighting efforts, but for a controversial trip to the Rugby World Cup in France.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) reportedly spent nearly half a million rand for Cele’s executive assistant to accompany him to the final. In addition, SAPS also paid for Cele’s stay in France, amounting to a further R33,256.

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The spending on this trip has drawn criticism from civil rights group Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa). Outa’s CEO, Wayne Duvenage, believes that Cele should be called to parliament to account for the money spent by the department on the trip.

Speaking to TimesLIVE, Duvenage described the expenditure as “unnecessary” and expressed concern about the government’s financial situation. Duvenage highlights the fact that the government is facing financial challenges, making this kind of expenditure questionable.

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He argues that the half a million rand spent on the trip could have been used to address resource shortages within the police department, such as purchasing new vehicles. He emphasizes that this money could have made a difference and potentially saved lives.

The criticism from Outa also raises concerns about the message being sent by Cele and the department. Duvenage suggests that by spending taxpayer money on lavish events, Cele shows a lack of respect for the challenges faced by his employees and the public.

It is important, he argues, for the minister to demonstrate that he cares about these challenges and is committed to addressing them.

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In light of these concerns, Duvenage calls for Bheki Cele to appear before parliament and the standing committee on public accounts (Scopa) to explain the spending on the trip. He believes that if due processes were not followed, disciplinary action should be taken.

He emphasizes that even though the amount in question is relatively small, it is still significant enough to set an example and demonstrate accountability.

This controversy surrounding Cele’s Rugby World Cup trip highlights the importance of responsible spending and accountability, particularly in a time when government resources are stretched thin.

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It raises questions about the priorities of the police department and the message being sent to both police officers and the public.

As taxpayers, it is crucial that we hold our government officials accountable for their actions and ensure that taxpayer money is being used wisely and efficiently. Transparency and accountability are essential for building trust and maintaining the integrity of our public institutions.


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