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Inside Lady Zamar And Angolan Hubby’s Secret Wedding

Inside Lady Zamar And Angolan Hubby's Secret Wedding-Surge Zirc SA
Lady Zamar/Photo File: Instagram

Lady Zamar had her wedding bells ringing secretly and no one knows of it!

Someone should hire her to be a professional secret keeper! This lady managed to keep her relationship with Sjava a secret for 2 years and now she found her a new bae then BOOM this.

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Lady Zamar‘s wedding was a super-secret and extremely exclusive affair.

In fact, the guest list was pretty much limited to the Zamar and hubby Faustino Muhongo’s fam and close friends. The secret wedding was held at Memoire wedding and function venue, Muldersdrift.

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Lady Zamar and the 23-year-old Angolan model met a few months ago during a photoshoot and it been nothing but butterflies filled in their tummies.

The Monarch Hitmaker took South Africans by storm when she uploaded pics of herself in a wedding gown. Many thought she was shooting a music video.

Little did they know that it was her big day. A family friend sipped the tea with us and she said: “Lady Zamar wouldn’t have mentioned it to anyone because Faustino is still young and his career hasn’t picked up. Lady Zamar musician has recently signed him up with a certain modeling company so she had to cover all the  wedding expenses herself ”

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HMMM….. Sebenza wena gal!!!

Here are the pics and the diamond ring that she bought herself:

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My hearts ruler♥️😭 Sometimes I wanna cry when I think about how we met😍

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A love so pure and so true😭😍🤩

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So cute! And such a beautiful place to get married!! Whether the guy has money or not Lady Zamar looks happy, isn’t that what matters?

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