SO UNFAIR!!! Sjava Unapologetically Drags Lady Zamar To Court

SO UNFAIR!!! Sjava Unapologetically Drags Lady Zamar To Court-Surge Zirc SA
Sjava and Lady Zamar/Photo File: Surge Zirc Media

Sjava’s legal threat that saw Lady Zamar withdrawing her claims of abuse is gradually becoming a reality as the Zulu sole singer updates tweeps with an assuring statement of having opened a case in the High Court Of South Africa.

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LOL!!! Now that’s good English but that not what we here for.  Well, the above twitter statement didn’t fetch Sjava any backups for legal action but it was hugely mocked. In light of what could be seen as a troll and meme, with a huge emphasis on the use of English.

Whilst most reactions called on Lady Zamar to also open a case against the BET award-winning singer Sjava since he now uses big grammar. The tweeps went as far as digging up a clip of Sjava asking a presenter who was interviewing him the meaning of “Legacy”. See the clip below.

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Funny Though!!!

Let’s go right back to the fight!!!

Who should sue between Lady Zamar and Sjava?

A lady who was lied to, cheated upon, deceived, finally discovered the untold truth and re-stepped, OR a man who knows he was married back home and covered it to date and deceived other single ladies?

Well, personally I am of the view that the general public should stand up for justice and fight against intimidation against Lady Zamar and most importantly all the women in general.

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