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Thulane Shange Returns On Uzalo To Avenge His Family

Thulane Shange Returns On Uzalo To Avenge His Family-SurgeZirc SA
Thulane Shange/Photo File: Instagram

If Thulane Shange who played the role of Thulane on Uzalo was one of your favourite characters, you can sit back and relax as he is making a come back to shake things up on the popular soapie.

The actor’s fate was cut short on Uzalo after the crew had to say goodbye to him and Sizwe Khumbuza who starred as his brother.

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Now Thulane came into Kwamashu to avenge his family’s death. He and his brother were almost successful as they managed to rip off Nkuzi and Mangcobo’s wealth.

However, the two made a mistake of allowing the couple to breathe the same air that they were breathing. Their carelessness of allowing the two most dangerous people in town live saw them to their graves.

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Viewers were made to believe that both the brothers have died but in a twist of event Uzalo’s latest preview saw Thulane appearing onscreen.

You can watch the preview below:

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At this point, it is unclear if Lilly is the one who brought him back to town.  She has been acting quite strange for sometime now and she’s been receiving dodge phone calls not to mention that she acted weird when Mondli asked about the Khanyile brothers’ deaths.

This time Thulane will be teaming up with Mangcobo who has been stripped off everything by Nkuzi. It’s clear that the two will turn up the heat indeed.

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