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Tracking Thabo Bester: A Gripping True-Crime Series On Showmax

Finally, viewers will get an inside look into the mysterious death that occurred in Cell 35 and uncover the truth behind the rumours.

Showmax has just announced an exciting new four-part series that delves into the criminal escapades of South Africa’s most audacious convict, Thabo Bester, and his alleged girlfriend, Nandipha Magudumana.

Currently awaiting their pre-trial in the Free State Court, this notorious couple, along with seven others, are facing charges ranging from assisting Bester’s prison escape to fraud, corruption, and violating multiple bodies.

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The thrilling true-crime documentary, titled “Tracking Thabo Bester,” will be screened in two parts on 15th and 22nd March exclusively on Showmax.

Produced by IdeaCandy, the masterminds behind other gripping series like “Devilsdorp” and “Rosemary’s Hitlist,” this series promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The first episode follows the investigation of GroundUp journalists Marecia Damons and Daniel Steyn, who received an anonymous tip-off about Bester’s astonishing escape.

These intrepid journalists, known for their bestselling book “The Thabo Bester Story: The Facebook Rapist, the Celebrity Doctor, and the Escape from Cell 35,” delve into the shocking revelation that Bester did not perish in his Mangaung prison cell but was instead spotted shopping at Woolworths in Sandton City alongside Nandipha Magudumana.

Subsequent episodes explore the origins of Bester’s infamous moniker, the “Facebook rapist,” and shed light on his initial incarceration. The series also delves into the intriguing story of how a celebrity doctor fell for a convicted criminal and abandoned her children to embark on a fugitive journey to Tanzania with him.

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Finally, viewers will get an inside look into the mysterious death that occurred in Cell 35 and uncover the truth behind the rumours.

“Tracking Thabo Bester” features interviews with prisoners and prison warders from the Mangaung Correctional Centre, the family of Katlego Bereng Mpholo (whose body was found in Cell 35), Nandipha’s brother Nkosinathi Sekeleni, and former South African Police Service head profiler Dr Gérard Labuschagne, who conducted a pivotal interview with Bester following his 2012 arrest for rape and murder. The series also examines the media and social media frenzy surrounding the case.

Director Nikki Comninos emphasises the broader implications of Bester’s case, stating, “We tend to view Thabo Bester as an isolated anomaly, but the truth is, he’s not.

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“Just like Dawie de Villiers, another convicted rapist who lured victims online, Bester managed to run a business while incarcerated. This raises serious questions about the state of the South African prison system.”

Don’t miss out on this gripping true-crime series that unravels the shocking tale of Thabo Bester and Nandipha Magudumana. Watch the trailer now and mark your calendars for the premiere on Showmax!

Thabo Bester and Nandipha Magudumana return to court on 5th June 2024 for a pre-trial conference.

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