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The Muvhango Money Meltdown: Duma Ndlovu’s Fails To Pay Cast And Crew Again

Yes, you heard that right - it's been months of waiting and wondering when the money will finally come rolling in. And let's just say, the waiting game is not a fun one.

In the world of showbiz, there’s always drama – both on and off the screen. And it seems that the creator of the popular SABC soapie Muvhango, Duma Ndlovu, is no stranger to the spotlight.

But this time, it’s not for his creative genius or captivating storylines. No, Ndlovu is gaining quite the reputation as a bad payer, leaving his actors and staff members high and dry when it comes to their hard-earned salaries.

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According to insiders, the frustration is mounting as the actors and crew at Muvhango have allegedly not received their paychecks since September.

Yes, you heard that right – it’s been months of waiting and wondering when the money will finally come rolling in. And let’s just say, the waiting game is not a fun one.

One source close to the production revealed that some cast and crew members are on the verge of losing their cars and homes due to the non-payment. Talk about a financial nightmare!

“We work like slaves at the hands of someone respected in the showbiz industry,” the source lamented. It’s a sad state of affairs when hardworking professionals are treated like second-class citizens.

And it’s not just the immediate financial strain that’s causing concern. With the holiday season fast approaching, the actors and crew are facing the prospect of a bleak Christmas.

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“If no one is saying anything now from the producers of Muvhango, we may not get our December salaries too,” another anonymous actor revealed. It’s a harsh reality when banks label you a bad payer and threaten to take away your prized possessions.

This isn’t the first time Ndlovu’s payment practices have come under scrutiny. Last year, the cast and crew of Muvhango downed tools after experiencing salary delays.

And in 2019, they were hit with a double whammy when they weren’t paid for two whole months. The excuse? The SABC apparently didn’t have the funds. It’s disheartening to see talented individuals being taken advantage of and undervalued.

The repercussions of Ndlovu’s payment predicament are far-reaching. Some of the top actors who once graced the Muvhango screen have since departed for greener pastures, like Mzansi Magic’s The River.

And it’s not just the cast that’s jumping ship. Brilliant scriptwriters, who were once part of the Muvhango team, have also sought opportunities elsewhere. It’s a loss for the soapie and a gain for other TV productions.

To add insult to injury, the actors are left in the dark about their return to work. “We don’t know when we will shoot again, there is no straightforward answer from the top,” one frustrated source revealed. It’s a classic case of keeping the talent on their toes and in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

When approached for comment, Muvhango spokesperson Ndumi Mdletshe refused to shed any light on the matter. Silence speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

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In conclusion, it’s a pity that the creative brilliance of Muvhango is overshadowed by the dark cloud of payment problems.

Let’s hope that Ndlovu and his production company, Word of Mouth, can rectify the situation and give their hardworking actors and staff members the respect and remuneration they deserve.

After all, a soapie is only as good as the people behind it, both in front of and behind the camera.

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Olwethu Jika for SurgeZirc SA
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