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Nadia Nakai’s Nudity At Cotton Fest Cape Town Causes Controversy (VIDEO)

"Bathong, so you can't perform if your butt is covered? What's this? 😂😢 You're a beautiful human, but cover up your bum."

South African rapper, Nadia Nakai, is no stranger to expressing herself freely, especially when it comes to her body. However, her recent appearance at the Cotton Fest Cape Town has sparked a wave of criticism from fans.

The “Bragga” artist took to social media to share a snippet of her performance at the festival, but instead of receiving the expected praise, she found herself facing backlash and being labeled an attention seeker.

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Comments flooded in, with fans expressing their disapproval of Nakai’s revealing outfit. One comment read, “Bathong, so you can’t perform if your butt is covered? What’s this? 😂😢 You’re a beautiful human, but cover up your bum.”

Another user wrote, “What in the desperation of seeking attention is this? I wish the Lord Almighty punishes y’all for setting a bad example for kids.”

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While some fans defended Nakai’s right to express herself, others compared her to fellow rapper AKA, who they believe would have questioned the need for nudity to stay relevant. One comment humorously pointed out, “AKA is proud, though, but the dress? No way.”

Despite the criticism, it’s clear that Nakai’s performance was well-received by many, with fans praising her music and stage presence.

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However, some urged her to dial down the nudity, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between self-expression and respecting societal norms.

Ultimately, whether you love or loathe Nadia Nakai’s bold fashion choices, one thing is for sure: she knows how to get people talking.

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