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“How Cruel Can You Be!” Shebeshxt’s Faces Backlash For Threatening Skomota

Naturally, the rapper wasn't too pleased with these accusations and decided to address them head-on. But instead of taking the high road, Shebeshxt chose to respond with threats and aggression.

Shebeshxt seems to have a knack for finding himself in the headlines, and his latest feud with Skomota, the ex-convict-turned-musician, is no exception.

In a video that quickly circulated on social media, Shebeshxt had some harsh words for Skomota, and let’s just say it didn’t go over well with netizens.

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It all started when Skomota, who gained fame as a dancer, made some allegations about Shebeshxt.

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Naturally, the rapper wasn’t too pleased with these accusations and decided to address them head-on. But instead of taking the high road, Shebeshxt chose to respond with threats and aggression.

In the video, which was shared on a popular platform, Shebeshxt denied the rumours about stealing Skomota’s girlfriend and boldly declared that he would confront Skomota in a physical fight. It’s safe to say that this approach did not win Shebeshxt any public favour.

Online users were quick to react to Shebeshxt’s threats, and their responses were far from supportive. Many accused the rapper of behaving like a criminal, citing his history of violence.

One user, @ntlok6, pleaded, “Can Skomota be left alone?” while another, @captain_champu, sarcastically suggested, “Send him to jail, and we’ll figure out the charges later.”

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Some users expressed their disappointment with Shebeshxt’s behaviour and called for someone to set a good example.

@tmnlmnkrl commented, “Who does he think he is threatening everyone? I need someone to show him that he can’t just do anything.” @the_a_wagon wondered aloud, “How can he even think of beating up Skomota?”

The general sentiment among online users was one of disbelief and disapproval. @cozmino_ exclaimed, “How cruel can you be to threaten to beat up Skomota?” while @asa_sigoxo simply declared, “This guy is getting out of control.”

It’s clear that Shebeshxt’s latest outburst has not done him any favours in the court of public opinion. Instead of addressing the allegations with grace and maturity, he chose to respond with aggression and threats, further tarnishing his reputation.

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Perhaps it’s time for Shebeshxt to take a step back and reevaluate his approach to conflicts. Resorting to violence and intimidation only serves to alienate him from his fans and the general public. It’s important for public figures to remember that their actions have consequences, and that includes the way they handle disputes.

As for Skomota, it seems he has become an unwitting target in Shebeshxt’s ongoing saga. Hopefully, he can rise above the drama and focus on his own career and personal growth. After all, there’s no point in getting caught up in someone else’s mess.

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