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Did Kelly Khumalo Sacrifice Senzo Meyiwa? The Shocking Allegations

Reports revealed that two of the accused individuals, Muzi Sibiya and Bongani Ntanzi, confessed in 2020 that Kelly had paid them R100,000 to carry out the murder.

Renowned spiritual reader, Kandis Starr, has caused quite a stir with her recent claims that Kelly Khumalo was involved in the alleged sacrifice of her soccer star boyfriend, Senzo Meyiwa.

This shocking revelation has resurfaced almost a decade after Senzo’s untimely death, throwing the case into further turmoil.

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As the trial unfolds in the Pretoria High Court, with five men facing murder charges, the accusations against Kelly Khumalo have taken centre stage. It is alleged that she orchestrated a hit on the Orlando Pirates goalkeeper, leading to his tragic demise.

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Senzo Meyiwa’s relationship with Kelly Khumalo was no secret. Their affair resulted in the birth of their daughter, Thingo, while Senzo was still married to his wife, Mandisa Mkhize, and had a daughter named Nana with her.

The complexities of their love triangle only added fuel to the already intense media scrutiny surrounding Senzo’s death.

On the fateful day of October 26, 2014, Senzo Meyiwa was fatally shot at Kelly’s mother’s home in Vosloorus. Initial reports suggested that Senzo had been trying to protect Kelly from armed robbers who had stormed the house. However, this theory has been heavily questioned over the years.

Reports revealed that two of the accused individuals, Muzi Sibiya and Bongani Ntanzi, confessed in 2020 that Kelly had paid them R100,000 to carry out the murder. These written confessions were deemed admissible in court by Judge Ratha Mokgoatlheng, who ruled that the confessions were voluntary and not coerced.

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As the trial continues, Kelly Khumalo is expected to testify in court, as confirmed by her representatives. The proceedings will resume on May 13 in the Pretoria High Court.

Kandis Starr, the spiritual reader who has gained attention for her insights into various cases, has made some startling claims regarding Senzo Meyiwa’s death. According to her, his passing was allegedly premeditated, and Kelly Khumalo had made a deal with dark forces for fame and fortune.

Starr suggests that Kelly is involved in dark energy practices and knows influential individuals who are also involved in such activities. She goes on to claim that there was a monetary payout for the alleged hit on Senzo, which has been used to manipulate the court process and delay justice.

Furthermore, Starr alleges that Kelly’s fans have been bewitched into blindly supporting her, believing that she can do no wrong. These allegations add another layer of intrigue to an already complex and controversial case.

These recent allegations are not the first time that Kelly Khumalo’s name has been associated with dark practices. In a December 2021 interview, Jub Jub, the father of Kelly’s son, accused her of using “muti” (traditional medicine) to manipulate him and lure him away from his then-girlfriend, actress Amanda du Pont.

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Jub Jub later apologized for his comments, but the incident further fueled the rumours surrounding Kelly’s involvement in mysticism and black magic.

As the trial unfolds and more details come to light, the truth behind Senzo Meyiwa’s death remains elusive. The allegations against Kelly Khumalo continue to generate intense debate and speculation, leaving us all wondering what really happened on that tragic day in 2014.

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