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Is The Rise Of Mobile Gaming Unstoppable?

"Mobile phones are always close at hand and this means that it is much easier to get in a few rounds of a game – no matter where you are."

Is The Rise Of Mobile Gaming Unstoppable? - SurgeZirc SA
Is The Rise Of Mobile Gaming Unstoppable?

For a long time, mobile gaming has had a reputation for being particularly restrictive. Mobile games were seen as overly simplistic games such as Snake and Pong, free games such as chess or sudoku, or – like Angry Birds and Candy Crush – as games for middle-aged people.

However, the world of mobile gaming has taken off over the course of the last few years as game developers have started producing nuanced, complex, and well-designed mobile games. Market analysts are now even predicting that mobile gaming could surpass PC and console gaming in terms of both popularity and profitability in the near future.

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As the mobile gaming market expands, many traditional game development companies are starting to scramble in order to meet the demand. The question on everyone’s mind is whether the mobile gaming bubble will ever burst or if we are witnessing the birth of a new, fully-formed sector of gaming. Keep reading to find out if the rise of mobile gaming is really unstoppable.

Convenience and ease of use

As everyone who owns a smartphone knows, convenience is king and mobile phones are incredibly convenient. Many people enjoy playing games and leveling up in a fairly casual way, and in a touch-and-go manner. This means that they would rather get through a few levels during their commute than sit down to an hour-long session at their battle station.

Mobile phones are always close at hand and this means that it is much easier to get in a few rounds of a game – no matter where you are. This level of convenience and ease of use has led to many more people giving mobile games a try and then sticking with them.

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Increased accessibility

Mobile technology is now more accessible than ever and this has certainly contributed to the popularity of mobile games. Data infrastructure is continuously being established around the world and smartphones are now considerably less expensive than they were just 15 years ago.

What does this mean? It means that more people around the world have access to smartphones, and by extension, mobile gaming. Consoles and PC games require a substantial financial output, while most mobile games are either free or attract minimal costs.

Case study: online gambling

The online gambling industry is really the perfect industry to consider when analyzing mobile games from a market perspective. The rise of mobile technology has completely revolutionized the online gambling industry because it has allowed gamblers to play their favourite games, place bets and play the slots at any time of the day or night.

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Instead of having to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino to place a bet or having to log in to a desktop application, gamblers who use apps can now play casino games during their commute, at home while watching TV or in between pints while at the pub with friends.

It took a few years for the mobile aspect of many online casinos to really take off. This was in part because mobile technology had not yet advanced to the degree that it could support all of the processes required for high-level online casinos. Many users were also concerned about online security and the safety of their sensitive personal and financial information.

That being said, the technology has come a long way in the last 10 years and now there are many online casinos, such as White Lotus Casino, that are actually optimized for mobile applications and use. These casinos are designed specifically with mobile play in mind, and it shows. The games are easier to play on mobile and the mobile platform itself is much simpler to navigate.

The future of gaming

For now, it looks like mobile gaming will continue its upward trajectory and eventually eclipse other forms of gaming. This is partially because, as seen in the online gambling case study, mobile technology has advanced to a stage where online gaming now features advanced gameplay, nuanced visuals, and high production values.

However, and perhaps more importantly, mobile technology is just much more convenient and accessible than other forms of gaming. As more and more people around the world start gaining access to mobile technology, the market for mobile games will continue to increase.

Rather than putting a damper on the gaming industry, the rise of mobile gaming should be heralded as a step towards a more accessible, open gaming community around the world. The rise of mobile gaming internationally has proven just how many gamers and prospective gamers there are across the globe.

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