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Satechi’s Apple Watch Charger Plugs Right Into Your iPad/MacBook

Satechi's Apple Watch Charger Plugs Right Into Your iPad/MacBook - Surge Zirc SA
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In case you have been long bored by carrying along with you the Apple Watch fairly lengthy charger around with you, mostly if you don’t have any spare USB-A port or wall outlets, then we’ve got you this good news. Henceforth, you can charge your Apple watch without a charger, all you’ll need is a spare USB-C port.

Satechi has rolled out a USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock that will top up the Apple Watch using any powered USB-C port. You could also recharge from a power bank if you’re on a long trip away from base, just with a 12V car adapter or even an iPad Pro while you’re glancing through the pages of a magazine.

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All Apple Watches works very well with the dock. It can plug in directly, you also need to note that there’s a short male-to-female cable in the box in the event that space is tight near the USB-C port.

Although the charger is a little bit more expensive than Apple’s charger, including its native USB-C cables going for $45. Though it might be easy to over look the high cost if you’d like a travel charger that occupies very little space in your travelers bag and works with many of the devices you already own.

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