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E-Cigarette Online Sale Becomes Unlawful In China

E-Cigarette Online Sales Becomes Unlawful In China - Surge Zirc SA
A promoter of an e-cigarette company photographed smoking an electronic cigarette at the Beijing International Consumer Electronics Expo / Getty Images

E-cigarette use and sales ban are becoming very common in different countries. Recently, the body in-charge of regulating tobacco in China have ordered online sales companies to “temporarily” shutdown e-cigarettes selling shops. It’s no mistake to say it’s banning e-cigarette sales and distribution on the internet.

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The regulatory body maintains that the action was to help protect the “physical and mental health of minors.” Though we aren’t sure exactly when the ban will be called off even though the notice says ‘temporary’.

This is not the first time Chinese authority is calling for a withdrawal of the e-cigarette activities, but it’s reasonably more serious this time than the others. Effectively, September saw the disappearance of Juul’s e-cigarettes from shelves only a week after they appeared in China.

The ban will put e-cigarette manufacturers in China out of business if it’s allowed to go on.

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China has a reported number of over 300 million smokers of different kinds, and that could threaten both manufacturers and online stores that strive mostly on e-cigarette sales. It could also put a dent on China’s economy, with state-owned China Tobacco company producing nearly six percent of the nation’s tax income.

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We’re not all-the-way shocked that China is acting at this time, mostly when there are concerns around the world that e-cigarette manufacturing companies are targeting teenagers, and that’s not helping the health of the smokers according to reports of illnesses.

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But looks like China will be willing to sacrifice some of the tax income that Tobacco companies pay if it can prevent teenage use of e-cigarette and health issues.

Source: Engadget

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