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Google Leaked Audio Shows Sundar Pichai Talking Leaks At Google

Google Leaked Audio Shows Sundar Pichai Talking Leaks At Google - Surge Zirc SA
Google boss Sundar Pichai discussing during the keynote address of the Google I/O conference in Mountain View / Photo file: Engadget 

Google leaked audio was published tonight by the Washington Post from a Google all-hands meeting that happened on Thursday, as execs reacted to a number of employee questions during the meeting.

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The questions include the employment of a former Department of Homeland Security staffer who openly protected a later version of the administration’s “travel ban” on citizens of different predominantly Muslim nations. They also asked of a recent Chrome extension for employees it rolled out that staffers considered a “spy tool.”

While Pichai says trust “one of the most foundation things for the company,” he called out the trouble with “transparency at scale, how to do it. Especially at a time when everything we do, doesn’t stay within the walls.” As revealed by the Google leaked audio.

Though the tech giants, Google has enjoyed some pride in a culture it saw as open and freewheeling. Inner discussions have been leaked for use against the company and some of its staff member. Be that as it may, Google staff who led a protest process have left the company long ago with claims that they had to deal with retaliation for what they considered the best act.

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Following the above, quite a number of Google staff are saying the recent Chrome extension that automatically reports any staffer holding a meeting event with more than 10 rooms or 100 participants arrived specifically to tamp down that kind of dissent, even though managers debunked the claim, saying it was about reducing potential calendar spam.

A Buzzfeed News had previously reported on details of the call concerning recent hire Miles Taylor, as execs says reporting about his background contained discrepancies.

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Sources: Engadget, Buzzfeed News, Bloomberg, Washington

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