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Uber Latest Feature ‘Uber Pet’ Will Let Drivers Know You’ll Ride With A Pet

Uber Latest Feature 'Uber Pet' Will Let Drivers Know You'll Ride With A Pet - Surge Zirc SA
A lady with curly hair and her dog driving in a car, looking through window / Photo file: Engadget

Uber technology is currently testing a new ride option known as Uber Pet. This option will allow you notify drivers that you will be riding with your pet. From November 16th this year, Uber app users in Denver, Nashville, Austin, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay will see the option.

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The option to ride along with your pet will require you to pay a “small surcharge” though, you’ll see the charge on your receipt and Uber will add it to the upfront price if you choose the option.

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The new option may help both customers and drivers avoid any unwanted surprises. It will also help you relax better knowing that your dog or cat won’t irritate the driver, then probaly cancel the trip depending on how much the driver dislikes a pet.

Uber drivers who are not free with dog and cat are free to opt out of the option so you choose another, while those who don’t mind doing so will get a cut of that extra charge.

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This feature is not replacing the existing Uber’s service animal policy, so, those who want to ride with their service animals won’t be expected to select Uber Pet or pay the extra charge.

Uber Latest Feature 'Uber Pet' Will Let Drivers Know You'll Ride With A Pet - Surge Zirc SA
Uber’s latest ‘Uber pet’ feature displayed on a mobile phone
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