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Google Assistant Is Currently Offering Navigation Help In Waze

Google Assistant Is Currently Offering Navigation Help In Waze - Surge Zirc SA
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Google said users of Waze deserve a lot more than they’re getting at the moment. The tech giants said you might not need to touch your screen much at all the next time you try to navigate with Waze app. The internet company said it will start to roll out Assistant support in Waze for Android users only. The service will make some of its features available via none distraction voice control.

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Users can also report problems like traffic or crashes on the road while they are still paying attention to the road. Users can also tell Waze to stay off toll roads if they ever forgot to specify that before moving out.

Google is not assuring you that you can get the new service if you live outside the territories of English speaking US, ”the feature is only available in the US for English speakers at present.” Google said.  Although we’re confident that those who live outside the US will be able to access Waze in no longer time from now.

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We would be very correct when we say this should make Waze’s crowdsourcing features more and more useful. With Waze, very quickly you can alert other motorist of an impending closure and delay.

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