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Oppo And Xiaomi Flaunts Their Under Display Smartphone Cameras

Oppo And Xiaomi Flaunts Their Under Display Smartphone Cameras - Surge Zirc SA
Oppo smartphone / Photo file: Engadget

Big tech companies are all coming up with creative concepts that focuses on avoiding smartphone front camera notch, with pop-up camera being a common option among all Chinese phones. The flip-up camera on the latest ASUS ZenFone 6. Vivo and Nubia just went with a secondary display on the back at one point. All of that have changed now, it obvious that Oppo has discovered a non-mechanical solution, they now have an under display selfie camera on their latest device.

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Just a few minutes ago, In his weibo post, Oppo VP Brian Shen shared a short video clip of exactly what appears to be a notch-free prototype smartphone lying on a simple desk. The smartphone camera app was launched. Despite the lack of a visible front-facing camera on the phone, the screen still showed a live view of the room’s ceiling, just to add credibility to the video, the demonstrator also hovered a finger over where the camera is supposedly located.

Oppo And Xiaomi Flaunts Their Under Display Smartphone Cameras - Surge Zirc SA
Oppo and Xiaomi smartphone show off / Photo file: Endaget

On a broader sense, having a non-mechanical front camera solution that you could feel or touch simply means there’s no physical damage that will come to the feature, considering that this is one aspect of our smartphones everyone want to be careful of all the time.

In other post, Shen admitted that this under-screen camera technology is still in its early days, it’s not rampant yet, so those who manage to get hold of it now may be in the front line of tech launchers “At this stage, it’s difficult for under-display cameras to match the same results as normal cameras, there’s bound to be some loss in optical quality,” Shen said. “But, no new technology jumps to perfection right away.”

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We are not sure when this technology is rolling out on a mass-produced smartphone, but from the look of things, Vivo, Oppo’s main rival in China and also a sister company, may also be working on a similar implementation, as hinted by the APEX 2019 concept phone’s product manager back in March.

But whatever be the case, hopefully Shen will be updating us again about this in the near future. Lets wait patiently.

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Source: Engadget

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