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Here Are 5 Steps To Take Before Heading For A Used Car Purchase

Here Are 5 Steps To Take Before Heading For A Used Car Purchase - Surge Zirc SA
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Everyone loves new brand cars but not everyone can purchase it and still remain in good shape financially. Statistics shows that people head up for used car purchase more than they do for new brand cars.

The reasons are simple, used vehicles offer much more values in the sense that you can still have reserve cash after the used cars purchase, plus an impressive lower insurance premium plan than a new car would offer.

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As good as it sound, you must not jump into buying a used car based on what we’ve said without being careful to give attention to the following facts, otherwise the experience will sing more than a bee could.

First: Avoid falling in-love with a car at first sight.

It’s very common for you to see your dream car or a car you’ve always admired when it rolled pass your side and begin to love on it so much that you won’t check every other thing that needs to be checked before you swipe cash. It’s very much possible for used car dealers to transfer their burden of a car to you if they notice you’re desperate to have that very brand.

After a conclusive decision to buy a car, the next step should be to do extensive search on the internet, compare prices and verify that every part of the car is working well. After confirming a choice on the internet, do not part with cash until you see the car and cross-check it thoroughly in real life. Some used cars are completely dead in the real sense and would steal your peace and sleep from the first day you take them home.

Second: Keep your choice moderate

When your choice is to buy a new brand car, whatever you choose goes since the car is coming with warranty. You’ll find that even when the car is a problematic car, you would’ve used it for a period of time before it starts troubling you. But when considering used cars purchase, go for something simple – a car with cheap spare-parts.

Do not listen to the day-tales used car dealers tell, ask yourself why they are selling if truly the used car are far better than new ones. Avoid being bought over by ”it’s very sound, the owner have got a financial problem that’s why he’s selling,” it’s old now. Just make a moderate choice, so when you have an option to buy spare-part to get the car to your taste, you wouldn’t do so with regret.

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Going to the car garage with a mechanic to check out the value of the car and its maintenance cost wouldn’t be a bad idea at all before finalizing the used cars purchase.

Third: Watch the used car dealer closely

Most times even mechanics would find it difficult to discover a problematic car hence the engine of the car turns on. Even after test-driving a car some problem will not show until after you have used them for a week or more then a new page opens.

With that experience, you could get additional clue when you watch your dealer closely as you question him about the car. As you move around the car and leave the dealer with questions, watch his reaction to your question, a shifty behavior would mean insincerity to things he says.

When you sense he’s not being sincere, please walk away. If you listen more he may shift the deal to someone with a more sugar coated tongue.

Fourth: Test the car thoroughly

Testing the car round before finalizing on your decision to go home with the car is a most, but there are other things you need to practically test to make sure they’re in perfecting working conditions before signing the papers for the used cars purchase.

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Check brake discs for uneven wear, check the color of the oil ‘it should be golden brown, and not a dark color’ make sure that battery terminals are clean, tyres need be in good condition with even wear, and the body should be straight. Check the body seams in the engine bay and boot to see whether it was repaired after an accident or not.

If the battery is new, then it’s time to suspect the alternator or other parts that runs with battery, otherwise I don’t get why anyone selling off his car would want to leave you with a battery of R1000.

Same applies to having new brand tires, it’s a possible attempt to dodge a serious suspension or steering issues. You should also look intently on the body spray paint, a slight difference in color could possibly mean that the car has been involved in an accident.

Fifth: Best way to test drive a used car you want to buy

Remember test driving doesn’t mean you own the car already, you are only finding more fault to save yourself a possible doom. Before you zoom off, ask the dealer to turn-on the ignition and allow the car to idle. Go straight and test the wipers, head-lamps, air-conditioner system. Put the car off and start it while the headlamps are on, if it fails to start then something electrical is wrong somewhere.

Where you finally moves, make sure you engage all the gears. Make sure to feel for any flat spot. Flat spots are where the car will stop and then pick-up again. You can actually find out if the car has injector issues or ignition. If you hear a funny sound when you change gear, it may be an indication of a serious mechanical issue, same applies to a high pitched squealing coming from V-belts.

When you have finally pack, test to see if any fluid is dropping from the car. A dropping oil could be an indication of a serious problem with oil-seal, engine or cooling system.

If you confirm that all we’ve mentioned are intact and you feel cool having the car, swipe the cash and seal the deal for the used cars purchase.

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