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BlackBerry KEY2 Will Be Available In A Complete Red Model

BlackBerry KEY2 Will Be Available In A Complete Red Model - Surge Zirc SA
BlackBerry Mobile/TCL / Photo file: Engadget

When the BlackBerry KEY2 LE in Atomic red was announced, folks let it be known that they’d also like to see a red BlackBerry KEY2 released and now, BlackBerry Mobile has made it happen again. Announced today at Mobile World Congress ‘MWC’.

Blackberry mobile is launching a Blackberry KEY2 Red Edition that covers the front and sides, not to mention the bundled earbuds with deep red cool packs that makes it look very attractive.  The Blackberry KEY2 smartphone is not built with improvement on the look only, it comes with double storage at 128GB.

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The Blackberry KEY2 mobile is fully packed with improved software, like a revamped Hub+ with an ergonomically friendly action bar at the bottom of its apps. The spruced-up handset will also tout modernized versions of BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Calendar.

We weren’t informed of an exact release date, but the Blackberry KEY2 Red Pack will be available in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East for a supposed cost of $749 (£699 in the UK, €779 in Europe). That price may be the obstacle for the huge number of persons who may be waiting to grab it.

Our opinion is that $649 is a lot of cash to be paid for a mobile phone with mid-range processing power, adding $100 more just for a RED color and a spec bump could be pretty much on fans. If you’re a BlackBerry fans, despite the fee, the Blackberry KEY2 Red Edition is a visible way to standout in a competition of Blackberry exclusive phones.

Source: Engadget

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