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Samsung’s Announces The Release Of Its Thinnest Tablet S5e, With Bi

Samsung's Announces The Release Of Its Thinnest Tablet S5e, With Bi - Surge Zirc SA
Samsung flagship phone / Photo file: Enggadget

Samsung has just unveiled a new Tab S5e, which is completely different from the flagship phone release we were expecting the tech company to announce. It’s a 10-inch Android 9 Pie device that the company says is its thinnest, lightest slate yet, coming in at just 5.1mm and 400 grams (or about 14 ounces).

Next, it’s the first tablet with Bixby 2.0 built in, this means that you can use the voice assistant to control your compatible Samsung or SmartThings appliances at home. the smartphone is coming with a new faeture which the company called Call and Message Continuity, which will allow you make and receive your calls and texts on the tablet. It’s also have some other nice features too yet it’s going for $400.

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The “e” in the device’s name stands for “essential,” according to Samsung, and it sits in the middle of the company’s lineup of tablets. Although it features a premium-sounding metal unibody, the Tab S5e isn’t as high-end as the Tab S4, which costs $650.

The new Tab S4 has a faster Snapdragon 835 CPU that can better handle multitasking, while the new Tab S5e uses a Snapdragon 670 which makes it less powerful than the previous one.

”Another difference between the two is that the S5e doesn’t support Samsung’s S Pen stylus, unlike its more premium brother, which also ships with the accessory. While both tablets have pogo pins to connect to keyboards, neither of them comes with one. You’ll have to pay the extra $150 for Samsung’s own offering or use your favorite third-party option”. A publication reported.

The Tab S5e was not designed for hardcore productivity purposes, the company was looking at people who want a larger canvas than their phone screens to watch movies or play games on. For that audience, the Tab S5e’s edge-to-edge 2,560 x 1,600 screen and four speakers should provide a good multimedia experience throughout.

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Tab S5e users will get what Samsung called “smarter connectivity” with the built-in Bixby feature and Call & Message Continuity. The latter works even if you’ve left your phone at home while out at a cafe, so long as the Tab S5e is connected to the internet (over WiFi).

Samsung’s is talking about 14.5 hours of battery life out of the Tab S5e’s 7,040mAh power cell, you can actually use it while making a long distance flights.

SOURCE: Engadget

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