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Sony’s Smart Watch Strap Has Just Hit The UK Market

Sony's Smart Watch Strap Has Just Hit The UK Market - Surge Zirc SA
Sony watch / Photo file: Engadget

We first spotted the smart watch on a crowdfunding campaign platform in 2015. Next it was finished and made available for Japan users only. Now the Wena Wrist is heading to the UK market and can be pre-ordered in the UK, there was no information as to when US will receive.

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But to be more detailed, The device is not a watch, neither is it a smartwatch, its a smart strap that was designed to be worn with existing mechanical watch faces. You can use it to turn any classic or fashion watch into a smart bit of kit.

The tiny display is built into a buckle that shows phone alerts and basic activity tracking. The strap also handles contactless payments, with a water resistant of 50 meters.  Should you need the full package, Sony has got five matching watch faces with mechanical, solar and quartz movements.

When you compare the Wena Wrist to an Apple Watch, its functionality is very limited, which makes its price a no no.The price is from £100 to £400, with which you can comfortably purchase an Apple Watch.

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”The Wena Wrist will undoubtedly be attractive to horologists looking to enjoy some of the usefulness of wearables while maintaining a traditional aesthetic. And to hipsters that like to wax lyrical about the merits of staying disconnected, while still staying a bit connected”. A publication said.

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Perhaps if the straps had been priced more cheaper than it goes for now, it would have spread even more than it is now. if Sony had built in more functionality, it might have given the company a better chance in the luxury market.

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Source: Engadget

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