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The Springboks Go Into Sunday’s Semi Last Rugby World Cup

The Springboks Go Into Sunday's Rugby World Cup Semi Last
Springboks captain Siya Kolisi / Photo file: Screengrab

The Springboks go into Sunday’s Rugby World Cup semi-last against Wales realizing that  this is significantly more than only two groups of developed men pursuing an oval ball around a field.

For the Springboks it is far greater than that as they divert their eyes from Japan to South Africa and recognizing what a spot in a third Rugby World Cup last would intend to their nation.

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“I have seen what winning World Cup does for our country,” said captain Siya Kolisi.

“I am old enough to remember the 2007 World Cup [he was 16] and I remember what it did for the country then and I know what it will do for the country now”.

“It just shows that when we decide to work together for one goal as a team or a country, we can make anything happen. We can achieve all our dreams or goals. That’s why we want to give our best this week and hopefully do the same in the final.”

Kolisi said the group was thankful for the help they had gotten in Japan, and furthermore from back home.

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“We’re proud of our people back home and the people who came last week to support us,” he said.

“We know so many people want to be here but can’t make it and we just want to say that we really appreciate it. We are doing this for them – for South Africa. We’re doing it for all the people back at home.”

Remaining in their way is a Wales group that quickly held the No. 1 world positioning this year and is going for its own piece of history by reaching the final for the first time.

“We know we’re facing a tough opposition but all we can do is focus on what we do best and what got us here,” said Kolisi.

“We’re very excited as a team. We’ve worked hard this week. We have prepped as much as we can and given them the respect they deserve. Bu the most important thing is that we’re effective at what we do – that’s our focus.”

Kick off for the second semifinal is at 11am

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