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Uruguay Rugby Team Breakdown Nightclub For Exiting Rugby World Cup

Uruguay Rugby Team Breakdown Nightclub For Exiting Rugby World Cup - Surge Zirc SA
Uruguay’s side has gone away fromt Japan after being pushed out of the Rugby World Cup / Photo file: AFP

Kumamoto police in Japan are investigating defeated Uruguay players childish behavior at a nightclub that could rather be described as a disgrace to professional sport following their knockout at the Rugby World Cup.

A member of the police officials, Kenji Kawazu revealed that bar staff said Uruguay’s players demonstrated anger at the club by braking DJ’s equipment worth $9,000 and pushed one employee to the floor, leaving him with light bruises.

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Some Japanese media companies reported other major damages in the incident, which includes players punching walls and hanging mirrors and dragging apart a stuffed teddy bear and more.

“We asked two Uruguay individuals to come to the police station on a voluntary basis and questioned them on October 14… one is a person who allegedly poured alcohol on DJ equipment, the other allegedly tackled an employee,” said officer Kawazu.

World Rugby disclosed that it was “aware of an alleged incident involving members of the Uruguay team in a Kumamoto bar”.

“The alleged matter is very disappointing and clearly does not align with the family spirit of the tournament, characterized by the special warmth of welcome between the fans, teams and Japanese public,” a press statement said.

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“An apology has been made on behalf of the tournament and it would be inappropriate to further comment while the facts are being established.”

Kawazu said police were called to the bar at 4:00 am on Monday. We were investigating carefully, analyzing video and other evidence, to decide if the case constitutes ‘property destruction.” Kawazu said.

At the moment the Uruguay’s rugby team has made no comment in respect of the allegation leveled on them, not even on their Twitter account. We could only find images of their successful arrival back home on their Twitter handle.

The Japan 2019 Rugby World Cup, since it began last month, has continued without urgly incident like this, despite reports of some raised eyebrows in often-reserved Japan over the occasionally rambunctious attitudes of supporters on public transport and other places.

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Uruguay team attracted wide praise for their successful 30-27 victory over highly fancied Fiji at the Rugby World Cup, but had to leave the tournament after they disappointingly finished bottom of Pool D list.

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