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Watch Live| SONA 2024 Festivities And Ramaphosa’s Speech: A Glimpse Into South Africa’s Future

With the country heading to the polls later this year, Ramaphosa's address carries great significance, as he aims to secure another term for the ANC government.

Cape Town City Hall was abuzz with activity on Thursday as preparations for the State of the Nation address, to be delivered by President Cyril Ramaphosa, were underway. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as glitz and glamour took center stage on the red carpet, setting the tone for the evening’s festivities.

Ministers, MPs, and distinguished guests made their way into the hall, marking the beginning of an evening that would provide insight into the current government’s achievements and set the stage for the upcoming elections.

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With the country heading to the polls later this year, Ramaphosa’s address carries great significance, as he aims to secure another term for the ANC government.

As the speech unfolds, it is expected that President Ramaphosa will address a range of pressing issues that have plagued the nation, including the economic crisis, rising cost of living, crime, and corruption.

The topic of social grants, particularly the R350 social relief of distress grant, will be in the spotlight, given that approximately 26.5 million people rely on these grants for their livelihoods. Additionally, the possibility of introducing a basic income grant will likely be discussed.

Unemployment remains a major concern, impacting both individuals and the overall economy. Ramaphosa is expected to address this issue, outlining his plans to tackle the unemployment crisis and stimulate economic growth.

Another topic that is likely to be mentioned is the controversial National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill, which is currently awaiting the president’s approval. Business groups BUSA and B4SA have urged President Ramaphosa to ensure that the bill aligns with the constitution before signing it into law.

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Furthermore, the challenges surrounding ports and rail infrastructure are expected to be addressed. Delays at ports have had a significant impact on the economy, costing billions and affecting businesses and individuals alike.

The need for improved rail services and infrastructure is also likely to be highlighted, as commuters and businesses have increasingly turned to road transportation.

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The State of the Nation address offers a glimpse into South Africa’s future, providing an opportunity for President Ramaphosa to showcase his administration’s accomplishments and outline their vision for the nation. As the country stands at a critical juncture, the address holds great importance in shaping the path ahead.

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Ntuthuko Gumede for SurgeZirc SA
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