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Outrage Over DA Leader’s Remarks On PEP Stores

The backlash against Steenhuisen's remarks highlights the importance of respecting people's choices and acknowledging the diverse economic circumstances that individuals may face.

The recent remarks made by Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen have sparked outrage among South Africans.

During a campaign in Soshanguve, Pretoria, Steenhuisen criticised the use of PEP Stores uniforms for “untrained cadres.” He was referring to crime wardens appointed by Panyaza Lesufi. The official DA Twitter account echoed these sentiments, further fueling the controversy.

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Many social media users expressed their displeasure with Steenhuisen’s comments. One user, @ThaboMakwakwa, defended the recruits wearing PEP Stores uniforms, stating that they are not drunkards or cadres.

He emphasised that his cousin went through a training programme, and the PEP Stores uniform has positively impacted their family’s life. He also criticised Steenhuisen for making racist attacks against black people and disrespecting those who are not privileged.

Another user, @CameronPetersSA, questioned the DA leader’s judgment in criticising people for purchasing clothes from PEP Stores.

They argued that being a decent human being should not involve judging others based on the labels of their clothing. This sentiment was echoed by @Jessica_Rarah, who emphasized that PEP Stores is a viable option for many people and there is nothing wrong with shopping there.

@Dineo_thulii passionately defended PEP Stores, stating that they were raised by them and continue to support the store. @BeynonSammy and @Real_neristo also expressed their support for PEP Stores, emphasising that there is nothing wrong with shopping there and that it offers affordable options.

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The backlash against Steenhuisen’s remarks highlights the importance of respecting people’s choices and acknowledging the diverse economic circumstances that individuals may face.

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PEP Stores, as a popular retailer in South Africa, plays a significant role in providing affordable clothing options for many people. It is crucial to avoid making derogatory comments that undermine the value and accessibility of such establishments.

In a society that values inclusivity and equality, it is essential for political leaders to exercise caution and sensitivity in their public statements. The outrage expressed by South Africans serves as a reminder that words have consequences and can deeply affect individuals and communities.

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Ntuthuko Gumede for SurgeZirc SA
Ntuthuko Gumede for SurgeZirc SA
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