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Julius Malema Comments On Jacob Zuma’s Support For Umkhonto WeSizwe “ANC Is Dead”

“So he decides to vote to go vote for non-existing things, and that is not going to help us displace the ANC,” he said.

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, recently addressed the media at Moses Mabhida Stadium in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), discussing former president Jacob Zuma’s decision to campaign for Umkhonto weSizwe, a newly registered party, instead of the ANC.

Malema stated that Zuma has the right to vote for any party he chooses, and the EFF does not interfere with his rights.

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Malema expressed that if Zuma had announced his support for the EFF, they would have been pleased. However, he criticised Zuma’s decision to vote for non-existing entities, stating that it would not help in displacing the ANC.

Zuma had previously announced in Soweto that he would vote for MK in the upcoming elections, believing it would save the ANC from losing power.

“So he decides to vote to go vote for non-existing things, and that is not going to help us displace the ANC,” he said.

While clarifying that the EFF has no connection with MK or their campaign strategies for the national elections, Malema highlighted that Zuma is in denial about the ANC’s decline in control and power. He emphasized that no one, including former President Nelson Mandela, could save the ANC from its current state.

“President Zuma in denial that the ANC is dead… He will cause himself a heart attack because those people (ANC) are not in a position to be rescued by anyone including former President Nelson Mandela. He would not rescue it with his Madiba magic,” he said.

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Malema said Zuma was just trying by all means to save it but “nothing will come of it.”

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Malema cautioned his party members against participating in any activities organized by MK ahead of the elections. He warned that any EFF member who does so would face consequences, as the party’s constitution strictly prohibits campaigning for or supporting other political parties.

Malema also mentioned that the EFF is yet to see the leadership of MK and expressed his scepticism about the impact Zuma’s efforts would have on the ANC. He believes that Zuma’s attempts to save the party will be in vain.

The date for the general elections has not been announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa at this time.

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