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Gayton Mckenzie Slams Julius Malema’s Criticism Of Springboks’ “The Name Is Going Nowhere”

Patriotic Alliance leader, Gayton Mckenzie, has strongly criticised Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, for his recent comments about the Springboks.

During a speech at the Gauteng EFF Provincial Ground Forces Forum, Malema expressed his disapproval of the Springboks, claiming that the team’s emblem and colours represented white supremacy and the painful legacy of apartheid.

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Mckenzie, however, vehemently disagreed with Malema’s statements and called on the nation to support the Springboks.

In a social media post, he emphasized that the Springboks are no longer associated with racism or any negative connotations. He urged the public to celebrate the team’s victory and embrace the Springbok name.

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The controversy arose when Malema declared, “I don’t support Springboks. I don’t support the emblem and the apartheid colors that the National Team wears. We want the colors that represent democracy. Amabokoboko, Die Bokke, Springboks is an apartheid symbol. Springbok must fall.”

His comments sparked a heated debate among South Africans, with many expressing their disagreement.

In response to Malema’s remarks, Mckenzie stated, “We love the Springboks, we have moved on from any bad or racist connotation associated with it. This is not the time to listen to fools like Malema, let’s celebrate our boys for a hard-won victory. The Springbok name is going nowhere finish and klaar.”

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The Springboks, who recently won the Rugby World Cup for the fourth time, have been hailed as a symbol of unity and reconciliation in South Africa.

The team’s victory has brought joy and pride to the nation, transcending racial and cultural divides. The Springboks’ success is seen as a testament to the progress made in overcoming the legacy of apartheid and building a more inclusive society.

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While Malema’s criticism of the Springboks may have resonated with some individuals who feel that the team’s emblem and colours are reminders of a painful past, Mckenzie’s response reflects a broader sentiment among South Africans who view the Springboks as a unifying force.

The Springbok emblem and colours, once associated with exclusion and oppression, have evolved to symbolize resilience, diversity, and national pride.

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