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Former Police Minister Nathi Nhleko Resigns From ANC

He concluded that he could no longer continue as a member of the ANC, as he could not bear to witness the suffering of people in his community and throughout the country due to the failures of the organisation.

Former Police Minister Nathi Nhleko, who rose to infamy during the Nkandla scandal, has announced his resignation from the African National Congress (ANC).

This decision comes after a heated exchange with party secretary general Fikile Mbalula, who accused Nhleko of lying in parliament during the inquiry into the Nkandla scandal, in defence of former President Jacob Zuma.

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In a letter addressed to the Albertina Sisulu Branch secretary Tolo Fakazi, Nhleko expressed his disappointment with the current values and principles of the ANC, stating that they no longer align with his own.

He referred to Mbalula’s accusations as evidence of the “bankruptcy, lunacy, and the defunct manner of thinking” that he believes has come to define the ANC.

Nhleko lamented the changes he has observed within the ANC over the past few years, stating that he no longer recognises the party he once joined. He reminisced about the ANC as a liberation movement that prioritised good ethics, a collective approach, and the well-being of the people.

However, he believes that the ANC has undergone fundamental shifts that have transformed it into something unrecognisable.

One of the key issues Nhleko highlighted was the gradual dismantling and privatisation of state-owned enterprises. He expressed concern about the transfer of control of vital sectors of the economy to the “white-dominated private sector,” as well as the reduction of state influence and oversight in critical sectors that could compromise public interest and welfare.

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Nhleko also criticised the reduction of employment within state-owned enterprises, which he believes has led to job losses.

According to Nhleko, these deviations from the ANC’s founding principles are exemplified by the newly found emphasis on austerity measures. He pointed out that social spending has been severely reduced, including a decrease in annual increases for social grants benefiting the elderly from 8% to 4% since 2018, with projected further reductions in the future.

The ANC spokesperson, Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri, confirmed that the party had received Nhleko’s resignation, emphasising that it was his democratic right to do so.

Bhengu-Motsiri defended Mbalula against Nhleko’s criticism, stating that the ANC has full confidence in the secretary general’s leadership abilities. She also mentioned that resignations from the party are not uncommon and that Nhleko should have consulted senior leadership if he had concerns about the organization’s direction.

Nhleko expressed his frustration with the way ANC leaders publicly attack each other, stating that internal matters should be resolved amicably within the party’s structures rather than being dragged into courts and public discourse.

He concluded that he could no longer continue as a member of the ANC, as he could not bear to witness the suffering of people in his community and throughout the country due to the failures of the organisation.

Reflecting on his record of service, Nhleko deemed it “impeccable,” asserting that he had carried out his assigned work to the best of his ability and commitment, never disappointing the ANC.

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However, during his tenure as police minister, Nhleko faced criticism for his close association with President Zuma and allegations of inadequate financial management and governance within the department.

In addition, Nhleko was involved in an R114-million civil claim, which accused him of participating in clandestine activities to fund a union to rival the Association of Mining and Construction Union.

With Nhleko’s resignation, the ANC faces yet another challenge as it grapples with internal divisions and criticism from former members. The departure of a prominent figure like Nhleko underscores the deepening disillusionment within the party and raises questions about its future direction.

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