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Dispute Mediation Agreed Upon After EFF Protests At Cash Crusaders Stores

"This meeting will be presided over by a neutral mediator to be agreed upon between the EFF and Cash Crusaders."

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng recently staged pickets at Cash Crusaders stores across the province, alleging that black and minority-owned businesses contracted to the retail store were coerced into cancelling their franchise agreements.

However, the protest action was suspended overnight after the EFF announced that an agreement had been reached with the affected parties.

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The EFF spokesperson, Dumisani Baleni, expressed the party’s concerns, stating, “The EFF in Gauteng, with disdain, observes the escalating situation at Cash Crusaders in which more than 100 black-owned business franchisees have been unjustly dispossessed of their stores by the franchise.”

According to Baleni, the franchise allegedly took over some stores by paying a mere R1 for fixtures and furniture. He further explained, “The 100 small business owners affected are mostly Africans and Indians.

“Many franchisees have pursued the legal route to resolve their matter, only to find no recourse because Cash Crusaders has used its financial advantage to frustrate and prolong the legal processes until the franchisees can no longer afford to finance their cases and remain in business.

“Over the past 12 months, the EFF in Gauteng has explored amicable avenues to resolve the situation without success.”

In response to the protests, the EFF called on Cash Crusaders and its CEO, Brent Topat, to meet with the concerned franchisees and find an agreeable solution.

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Following the pickets on Tuesday, which saw retail stores locked by party members, Baleni confirmed that a meeting had been secured between EFF leaders and Cash Crusaders management, including Topat.

“It is safe to say an agreement has been reached to establish a meeting between the two parties to resolve the existing disputes,” Baleni stated. “This meeting will be presided over by a neutral mediator to be agreed upon between the EFF and Cash Crusaders.”

The EFF’s efforts to mediate the dispute highlight their commitment to addressing the concerns of black-owned businesses and protecting their interests. By engaging in dialogue and seeking a neutral mediator, the party aims to find a fair and just resolution to the ongoing issues between Cash Crusaders and the affected franchisees.

While the specific details of the agreement and the chosen mediator have not yet been disclosed, the EFF’s proactive approach to advocating for the rights of small business owners is commendable.

By bringing attention to alleged injustices and facilitating a platform for negotiation, the party is playing a crucial role in ensuring that the voices of marginalized entrepreneurs are heard.

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It is essential that both Cash Crusaders and the franchisees approach the upcoming mediation process in good faith, with a genuine commitment to finding a mutually beneficial solution.

By working together, they have the opportunity to address the grievances raised and establish a more equitable and sustainable business environment.

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Ntuthuko Gumede for SurgeZirc SA
Ntuthuko Gumede for SurgeZirc SA
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