Reasons Why Letoya Who Plays Tshidi On Generations Is Lesbian

Letoya Shocked everyone when she suddenly became a lesbian.

Actress Letoya Makhene on why she got sick and tired of dating men and became a lesbian - SurgeZirc SA
Letoya Makhene And Lebo Kheswa / Photofile : Google

Have you ever wondered why actress Letoya Makhene is suddenly a lesbian? Well we might have the slightest idea, but first let me take you through possible reasons why the actress got sick and tired of dating men and found love and warmth in the arms of a woman.

If you guys remember, actress and singer, Letoya Makhene has always been a daddy’s girl. From the moment she broke into the entertainment industry her dad has always been by her side.

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Now it seems like all the men Letoya has dated have not really matched up to the standards of the man that raised her.

Her first relationship with her ex-husband ended in tears because he was physically and emotionally abusing her. He also became jealous over Letoya’s fame and ordered her to stop working.

The actress finally had enough when he kicked her in her stomach while she was pregnant and had a miscarriage. The actress later divorced him and went back to doing what she does best which is acting.

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Then Letoya opened up herself to love again and found love with another man and had a baby with him. Fans were happy about their relationship, but all of a sudden she stopped posting his pictures on Instagram and only posted pictures of herself and her babies.

Then she shocked everyone when she posted pictures of herself and her new lover; who’s a woman. She’s never stated reasons why she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, and fans went crazy over her new relationship.

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Tlo ntshune tuu Baby😋😋😋

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I may be wrong but this is why I think Letoya became a Lesbian.

Faith Madikane is a junior Entertainment editor with SurgeZirc SA. She likes expressing her views over complicated issues.

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