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ANC Members Set To Contribute In Solidarity Funds To Fight Covid-19

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ANC set to contribute to solidarity funds to fight coronavirus/Photo file:Screengrabs

ANC Members set to contribute in Solidarity funds joining other parties to fight Covid-19, the party confirmed after the meeting today.

ANC chief whip Pemmy Majodina said they had taken seriously the country’s need for resources to fight Covid-19 which was spreading fast.

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“It is against that background that ANC MPs are going to contribute a sum of R5,374,730,” she said.

The ANC has 259 MPs including members of the executive.

Majodina said the meeting welcomed the socio-economic stimulus package presented by Ramaphosa this week, saying the party’s MPs had been on the ground and all the issues of hunger, poverty and underdevelopment raised from their constituencies had been addressed by the announcement.

ANC Members set to contribute in Solidarity funds, Majodina said the caucus had requested the government to tighten the guidelines as to who would benefit from the R350 a month poverty relief scheme for unemployed South Africans, saying this needed clear household profiling to avoid misuse, fraudulent processes and any other corrupt practices.

“We must make sure that because it is going to take longer to deal with Covid-19, whatever resources we have, we use them effectively,” she said.

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The meeting also served as a commemoration for Oliver Tambo, the ANC’s longest-serving president who died on this day 27 years ago.

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