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Three Foreign Nationals Arrested For Drug Trafficking

Colonel Robert Netshiunda, the spokesperson for the provincial police, provided details of the arrests. He explained that officers

Three Foreign Nationals Arrested For Drug Trafficking-SurgeZirc SA
Three Foreign Nationals Arrested For Drug Trafficking

In a significant victory for law enforcement, three foreign nationals have been arrested on charges of drug dealing in KwaZulu-Natal.

The arrests came as a result of a successful operation known as Operation Umiyane, which targeted drug trafficking in the region. The suspects were apprehended at different locations in KwaDukuza, following an extensive investigation by the provincial police.

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Colonel Robert Netshiunda, the spokesperson for the provincial police, provided details of the arrests. He explained that officers received intelligence about a man who was allegedly involved in selling drugs in KwaDukuza. Acting swiftly, the police raided the suspect’s home in Newtown, where they discovered a significant amount of illicit substances.

Netshiunda stated, “During the raid, the officers found an assortment of drugs, including crack cocaine, mandrax, kat wrappings, and pure cocaine. The estimated street value of these substances is just over R100,000.” This discovery highlights the magnitude of the drug problem in the area and the importance of operations like Operation Umiyane in combating it.

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Further investigations led the police to two additional suspects, aged 23 and 26, who were apprehended in Glenhills Drive and Russel Street. Upon searching the suspects, the police recovered an additional amount of cocaine. Although the street value of this seizure is yet to be determined, it is expected to be worth several thousand rand.

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Once the suspects have been processed, they will be presented before the court to face charges of possession and dealing in drugs. This is a crucial step in holding individuals accountable for their involvement in the drug trade and sending a strong message that drug dealing will not be tolerated in KwaZulu-Natal.

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These arrests come shortly after a series of successful operations conducted by the police in the province. In a month-long effort, close to 11,000 suspects were arrested, and 339 firearms and ammunition were recovered. The province launched Operation Shanela on August 19, which paved the way for these operations.

Operation Shanela involves a combination of police operations, stop and searches, and vehicle checkpoints. These activities are strategically carried out in identified parts of KwaZulu-Natal, with the aim of maintaining peace, law, and order. The operations, which gain momentum from Thursdays to Mondays, are complemented by routine policing and other spontaneous activities.

These efforts are crucial for ensuring the safety of residents and reducing crime rates in the province. The police are committed to making KwaZulu-Natal a safer place for all its inhabitants, and operations like Operation Umiyane and Operation Shanela play a vital role in achieving this goal.

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