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Man Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping Foreign National Businessman

Major General Ngwenya commended the team's dedication and effectiveness in ensuring that the suspect is brought before the court to answer for his alleged crimes.

On April 5, 2024, a 31-year-old foreign national experienced a harrowing ordeal when he was allegedly kidnapped from his business premises in North End, Gqeberha.

The victim was confronted by unidentified suspects who forcefully pointed a firearm at him before abducting him in an Opel Mokka. The kidnappers utilized the victim’s cell phone to contact his mother, demanding a ransom for his release.

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The victim was held captive for a total of six days, during which he was transported to three different addresses within Gqeberha.

The kidnappers’ actions led to an extensive investigation. The victim was eventually located in Kariega in the middle of the night.

During the course of the ransom negotiations, two vehicles—a Toyota Fortuner and an Audi—were identified as being implicated in the kidnapping. A preliminary investigation successfully traced these vehicles, ultimately leading to their seizure at diverse locations in Gqeberha and Colchester.

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The investigation was driven by intelligence and conducted by a joint team comprising members from the Gqeberha Trafficking in Persons (TIP) unit, Provincial Crime Intelligence (CI), and the Local Criminal Record Centre (LCRC).

This collaborative effort was crucial in piecing together the events and movements of the kidnappers, providing valuable insights into the modus operandi of the perpetrators.

The meticulous work of the investigative team highlighted the importance of inter-agency cooperation in addressing complex crimes such as kidnapping.

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The seizure of the vehicles and the tracing of the kidnapping route were pivotal in uncovering the broader network involved in the crime.

The findings from this investigation underscore the necessity of a coordinated approach in tackling organized criminal activities, ensuring that all aspects of the case are thoroughly examined and perpetrators are brought to justice.

On May 16, 2024, a significant breakthrough occurred in the ongoing kidnapping investigation as a 38-year-old suspect was apprehended at one of the addresses identified during the thorough investigative process.

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The arrest marks a crucial step forward in the case, with the suspect slated to make his initial court appearance at the Gqeberha New Law Court on May 20, 2024.

This hearing is expected to shed further light on the charges of kidnapping he faces, providing an opportunity for the judicial process to commence formally.

The arrest was the result of a concerted effort by a joint team of law enforcement officers, whose tireless work has been acknowledged by the provincial head of the Hawks, Major General Mboiki Obed Ngwenya.

Major General Ngwenya commended the team’s dedication and effectiveness in ensuring that the suspect is brought before the court to answer for his alleged crimes. He emphasized the importance of such collaborative efforts in upholding the rule of law and delivering justice.

The investigation remains active, with authorities continuing their intensive probe into the kidnapping case. The joint team’s ability to seize vehicles and trace suspects underscores the robust cooperation between various law enforcement units operating in Gqeberha.

This collaboration has been pivotal in advancing the investigation and is expected to lead to further arrests as the probe progresses.

As the suspect prepares for his court appearance, the community watches closely, hoping for a resolution that reaffirms the strength and integrity of the judicial system.

The ongoing investigation serves as a reminder of the relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement agencies, striving to bring all involved parties to account. The Gqeberha New Law Court will soon become the focal point of this case, as the legal proceedings begin to unfold.

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Parusha Naidoo for SurgeZirc SA
Parusha Naidoo for SurgeZirc SA
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