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World Reacts To Bishop Oyedepo’s ‘Boast’ Of Being Dangerously Wealthy

“I don’t share any booty from any government. I have a clear conscience; I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,”

Bishop David Oyedepo, president of Living Faith Church Worldwide - Surge Zirc S.A
Bishop David Oyedepo, president of Living Faith Church Worldwide/Photo file: Google

After Nigerian Bishop Oyedepo, the Living Faith Church Worldwide president bragged of being dangerously wealthy Nigerians and the world at large have reacted excruciatingly to the statement which was published in most Nigeria media platforms.

Read the statement from Bishop Oyedepo as published by Nigerian media…

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”The Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners’ Chapel, Dr. David Oyedepo has said that he has never received or shared any booty from any government in Nigeria.

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”He boasted of God’s blessings on his life and that he has a clear conscience. “I don’t share any booty from any government. I have a clear conscience; I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,” the Bishop said.

”Oyedepo stated this at the opening session of Shiloh 2018, the annual gathering of the members of the Living Faith Church tagged “Dominion” at its International Headquarters, Canaan Land, Ota in Ogun State.

”The Bishop warned those he called ‘political gladiators’ to understand that authority is now domiciled in the church, saying, “If the church says you are going nowhere, there is nothing you can do.”

”Speaking on “Heralding the Dominion Era of the Church,” he declared that the authority that enthroned the church was from heaven and not man-made. “It is not something that we organise; it is by the hand of God. You can be upset, it won’t change anything,” he added.

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”He told the congregation, which included 4,512 delegates from 43 nations of the world that God would be confirming in these last days that heavens rules in the affairs of men. “If the church comes against any arrogant, puffing fellows, they shall be messed up,” he affirmed.

”Oyedepo noted that for anyone to dominate his world, he has to first dominate the issues of his life. “Until one is rescued, he cannot rescue others. We must remove the beam in our eyes before we can remove the mote in other people’s eyes,” he urged.

You think it’s unfair?

Read the reaction from the public in respect of the boastful words found in the statement.

An internet user with the ID, said following Oyedepo’s pride…

”I dont blame his arrogance and bragging about, I blame the foolish converts who make themselves poor to make the Mafia Oyedepo, rich! When his clients aka converts stop paying their monies to Oyedepo and ask him to return the monies they have paid to him with interest, then he’d realize that it is the poor converts who made him rich and not God.
(The Bishop warned those he called ‘political gladiators’ to understand that authority is now domiciled in the church, saying, “If the church says you are going nowhere, there is nothing you can do.” Oyedepo said.)
So, how could the church make a governor in the North governor when the North is populated mostly by Muslims? I think Oyepedo is over-hyping the sway of Christians. Oyedepo is only sending this message to cower and egg politicians on, to come and bribe him because the church now has the whole power in Nigeria, according to him.

Oyedepo continued … “If the church comes against any arrogant, puffing fellows, they shall be messed up,” .
The Bible says: pride goeth before the fall! It’ll not be long before Oyedepo crashes totally to the ground with his condescending nature. That is what the Bible is saying. You are too proud today and tomorrow you fall into shreds.”

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Another internet user with the ID

”Thank you so much and to add to the Bishop lies and deceits. “The Bishop warned those he called ‘political gladiators’ to understand that authority is now domiciled in the church, saying, “If the church says you are going nowhere, there is nothing you can do.” The world should help me ask him what happened to Jonathan that lose election to Buhari after he patronise Oyedeop and what happened to Oyedepo political son Segun Adewale (Aeroland) a failure in every step from AD to PDP then to ADP and gone back again to PDP he has never for his life win anything and you always pour your blessing on him from that same your altar. I beg Oyedepo stop deceiving Nigerians.”

Yet another user by name 

”Thank you my brother. Truth need to be told to that impostor.”

Another user with the ID 

”He will receive his disgrace from God and it’s going to be in the eyes of everyone especially the gullible followers.”

A user with the ID 

”What total ignorance and braggadocio you blame others for, that you are now displaying! You are obviously agnostic.”

”Pastor Oyedepo, you are only popular amongst your members. And also your membership is shrinking badly! This year less than 5000 people came for Shiloh? You are gradually going down and that’s why the madness is taking over you. Atiku can’t bring back your members because they just found out you are a scam.”

”Tithes from looted funds could be dangerous wealth indeed. Which authority from above is he referring to? Satan once lived in heaven too. In 2015 he boasted more than this yet he was disgraced and his Jona was swept out of Aso Rock. Next year, not only would he be humbled, his phoney business empire would come crashing and the church he uses as a front will collapse over his head. A bogus man of God, can he point to any Christian character in the Bible that he takes after? By their fruits now we know them.”

”He is “dangerously wealthy” because he is a parasite in the brains of his followers. As an invading parasite, Oyedepo has taken over the control of his followers’ brains and nerve centers. At will, he does whatever he wants with them and they obey, no question asked. They are not asking any question because they know not that Oyedepo has the total controls of their brains.
David Oyedepo is a first-class LIAR. In a televised church service one fine Sunday afternoon, a lady knelt before Oyedepo and the congregation was watching. In church members’ usual testomonies, the kneeling lady said, “She is a witch but a witch for Christ”. What happened next defiled Godliness and civilty. Oyedepo with all his might slapped the living day out of the kneeling lady. Many of those who witnessed the barbaric act Oyedepo were stunned. The poor lady rubbed it in and went home. Few weeks later, a lawyer sued Oyedepo for his cruelty against the lady. When the case came up for hearing, Oyedepo denied slapping the lady. Oyedepo lied before man and God. If Oyedepo could denied the slapping that we all saw on the video, it is much easier for him to deny receiving booty from any government in Nigeria. DID Olisa Metuh, Olisa and FFK not tell us they receive no money initially?
In 2013, Pastor Adeboye asked members of his church to donate One Billion Naira tithe. Where did Adeboye expects his church members to legitimately get One Billion Naira from? He asked his his followers to steal in the name of God. One Pastor TB Joshua broke all building safety codes and erected a death trap. When the building collapsed, it killed over 100 people. But amazingly, not the Police, the Lagos state government or Federal asked Joshua a question. Joshua killed those people for nothing. The former head of CAN Pastor Oritsejafor, converted his planes to DHL and FedEx for the Federal government of Nigeria from 2012 to 2014 ferrying millions of dollats to South Africa and other destinations. The Western Christianity we practise today began and spread out of Rome/Italy. The Catholic Church is probably one of the richest entities in the world but the head, the Pope no get private planes o! Today, there are more churches along the Lagos-Ibadan Express than in all of Italy. While Nigerians believe in more churches than factories, miracles than honesty the Italians believe in no miracle but hard work. If there is God, he sure does not belong to we Nigerians alone. If you are hungry, grow your own foid and become self sufficient. In today’s world, only fools imports most of his foods and toothpicks. God will never send us free food, we must cultivate the land and grow your own food. So Nigerians, stop bothering God and build your country like the Japanese, Koreans and the Arabs in UAE (Dubai) built theirs.”

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”Does it matter now? He already conned most Nigerians out of their money, laughed all the way to the banks, airplane dealerships, automobile dealerships, best home builders and real estate agents around the world. What does he need to apologize for? For the rest of his life, he has earned enough money from the “suckers” to splash them with stagnant water in every street he drives past them. Yet many of his supporters, the ones he steps on regularly will be the first to go see Daddy in exactly three days. The problem is actually with Nigerians who have been stripped off their souls not Nigeria.”

”The Church authority you have been using to curse Boko Haram without any impact on Boko boys.

“I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,” the Bishop said. Same Bishop can’t visit UK

“If the church says you are going nowhere, there is nothing you can do.” How come your GEJ went no where despite your prayer for him in your church

Let us see how far your co-banned commodity (Atikulooted) will go.

Even the blind can see your deceits.”

”Why do you keep deceiving people by hiding under the umbrella of the creator of the heavens and the eath? More so, you don’t need to share in any booties or take money from any government before you could be a partaker in the pilfering of our common wealth; your mere actions of not paying the right taxes on your investments or right duties on the stuffs you brought to the country or took out of the country is a big contributor to our national problem. So, you can now see sir that you’re dangerously wealthy at the detriments of the Nigerian nation. Kindly keep your arrogance to your bedroom sir. Oga sir, just to remind you again as a “Yoruba man.” That “Igberaga ni nshiwaju iparun.”

”I think it’s high time we allow this man to swear with God of thunder plus Amadioha if he has never collet money from JEG. 7 billion shared by CAN during JEG tenure and dassuki gate money that was traced to his account.”

” Abeg Bishop Sir, what has the church says about China? The last i checked China is doing not just well but very well though there are less christrians in (41m, Buddhist 52m, others religions 28m and no religion at all 1.4b 82% chinese) . And no mega church or billionaire bishops/pastors.” Please from my ignorant point, God created 3 institutions namely: Family institution Human Government institution and the Church Institution. It will be a problem if one should perform the duty of other like leaving the training or upbringing of our kids to the church or government, leave governance to pastors, bishop or (Muhammad clerics) and leave church auditorium to government officials to come and preach. Hmmm Bishop Bishop abeg look at it again ooooh.”

”People like David Oyedepo are political jobbers, materialistic, greedy and power-grabbing megalomeniacs, who, not unlike Jim Jones of the Guyana Tragedy, charismatically lead as many as they can to doom and damnation.
Oyedepo can brag about how dangerously wealthy he is, because like most robber barons, he is ruthless in his pursuit of wealth and earthly glories.
Like all the Biblical villainous figures that were roundly condemned and their posturing brought to nought, Oyedepo keeps erecting monuments to himself and his self-aggradisement has gotten to a nausating level.
Has anyone wondered why spaces to sell even PURE WATER to his (Oyedepo’s) church members during his Shilohs, and other lauchings and revenue-drives, are only done after the members (who must pay tithes and offerings) have paid for such spaces?
I would say this with no iota of doubt in my mind that religion is our biggest curse and our greayest drawback to development in Nigeria, and Oyedepo, Oritsejafor and their ilk are the very reason why anathema to God and religion is growing in Nigeria today, especially among the youth and the educated and enlightened.”

”You are “DANGEROUSLY WEALTHY” and yet your church members are “DANGEROUSLY POOR”. My friend, boast not in your wealth or abundance and please go and preach the TRUE GOSPEL OF SALVATION and HEAVEN as in John 3:16, not PROSPERITY GOSPEL OF MAMMON and WORLDLY SUCCESS as in Malachi 3:10.

Sir, please deploy a greater part of this “DANGEROUS WEALTH” towards mission work and winning souls for heaven, and stop investing in Satan’s world by buying jets and real estates . The return of Christ is imminent and I don’t hear you preaching this news and warning people.”

”Oyedepo is proud of the wealth, that should not be proud of. The wealth he doesn’t sweat to acquire, the wealth he got through exploitation, while the scriptures he profess to follow says worshippers of God should eat food they themselves earn – 2 Thessalonians 3:12. Others sweat for Oyedepo’s whealth and shamelessly he is proud of it without acknowledging the source of the wealth. Too bad.”

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”He is bragging to Zoo dwellers about getting dangerously wealthy by making them give him their lunch money. lol
waiting for his christ to come while draining their pockets.
Nigerians are IDIOTS and the thieves among them are mercilessly unapologetic about milking them dry.”

”Diversification is the name of the game. This not-so-man-of-god diversify his business so he could now say that he has been blessed by a god. There is a University in his hometown, produce pure water, still raked money from his mumu followers, own billions in real estate, and many businesses not publicly known. Why wouldn’t he be ready to bite the fingers that have fed him? Go figure.”

These comments calls for action. Let the affected learn the lessons here.

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