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Exposing Carpenter’s Deceptive Practices: A Couple’s Unfortunate Experience

De Jongh asserted that he did not use the money for personal gain but rather for business expenses. He expressed remorse and emphasised that he was currently relying on the support of others as he attempted to rebuild his life.

Recently, a couple from Durbanville decided to come forward and shed light on their harrowing experience with a carpenter who took advantage of their trust and conned them out of a substantial amount of money.

Deon de Jongh, the carpenter in question, admitted to taking over R200,000 from Zaheer and Nazley Hamdulay without completing the job he had quoted for. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of thorough research and caution when hiring contractors for home renovations.

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The Hamdulays had decided to move back to Cape Town from Johannesburg in 2021 and embarked on renovating their dream home while renting a temporary place. They sought quotes from various service providers, ultimately settling on Deon de Jongh from the firm, The Inside Story.

Despite another provider offering a cheaper quote, the Hamdulays were swayed by De Jongh’s ideas and what seemed like genuine kindness.

In December 2022, the couple paid a 30% deposit to secure the necessary materials for their home. However, the situation quickly deteriorated when De Jongh requested additional payments, claiming that the deposit needed to be increased to 50% in June 2023.

Concerns arose when the work had not even commenced, and certain rooms, including their son’s room, the kitchen, and the bar/study, remained untouched.

As the promises of material delivery continued, the Hamdulays were forced to move in with a family member. Their attempts to contact De Jongh were met with silence, and they discovered that other clients had also experienced similar issues with him.

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Finally, during a meeting, De Jongh admitted to misusing the funds for personal reasons and expressed remorse. He even agreed to repay a portion of the amount owed, but subsequently, all communication ceased, and it was revealed that his company was being liquidated.

When the couple attempted to report the case to the police, they were directed to the small claims court, which only handles claims up to R20,000.

Faced with the prospect of costly legal proceedings, the Hamdulays made the decision to raise awareness about their experience, hoping to warn others about De Jongh’s fraudulent practices.

Nazley Hamdulay expressed her disappointment, stating that De Jongh not only stole their money but also robbed them of the joy of moving into their envisioned home.

They were compelled to hire another carpenter to complete the unfinished rooms and the kitchen, resulting in additional expenses.

Another business owner shared a similar experience with De Jongh, recounting how the carpenter vanished after receiving a deposit of over R40,000.

It became apparent that De Jongh followed a pattern of requesting a 70% deposit from clients before disappearing under the pretence of illness.

When contacted by Weekend Argus, De Jongh acknowledged that things did not go as planned but denied being a con artist. He attributed his actions to his health issues, claiming to suffer from extreme diabetes and a series of unfortunate personal circumstances.

De Jongh asserted that he did not use the money for personal gain but rather for business expenses. He expressed remorse and emphasised that he was currently relying on the support of others as he attempted to rebuild his life.

This unfortunate incident serves as a cautionary tale for homeowners considering renovations and hiring contractors. It highlights the need for thorough background checks, references, and a clear contract that protects both parties involved.

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It is crucial to exercise caution and vigilance to avoid falling victim to unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of homeowners’ trust and hard-earned money.

While the Hamdulays and others affected by De Jongh’s actions continue to seek justice, their decision to raise awareness about their experience serves as a valuable warning to others. By sharing their story, they hope to prevent others from enduring similar hardships and ensure that De Jongh is held accountable for his actions.

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Parusha Naidoo for SurgeZirc SA
Parusha Naidoo for SurgeZirc SA
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