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Capture And Sentencing Of Notorious Gangster Jamiel “Charra” Jacobs In Cape Flats

The Western Cape High Court handed down a significant sentence to Jamiel “Charra” Jacobs, the notorious gangster from the Cape Flats.

After a lengthy trial, Jacobs was found guilty of various charges related to the establishment of the Flakkas gang in Hillview and surrounding areas in 2018. His crime spree, fueled by a desire to avenge his former gang boss, resulted in a trail of violence and tragedy.

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Jacobs, previously a member of the Junky Funky Kids gang, formed the Flakka Boys gang following the death of his boss, John Adams, in November 2017.

Believed to have been assassinated by his own gang, Adams’ death prompted Jacobs to seek revenge on the Funkys, launching a series of attacks across Steenberg and Lavender Hill.

According to the indictment, Jacobs and his gang carried out their first revenge attack by opening fire on a group of gangsters in Choir Street, Steenberg.

Tragically, Jacobs also allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend, Tyline Cunningham, on December 30, 2017, after a dispute over money. Cunningham’s death further highlighted the extent of Jacobs’ violent tendencies.

Between May and October 2018, the Flakka Boys gang were responsible for the deaths of eight individuals and attempted to kill six more. As a result, Jacobs was found guilty of two murders and six attempted murders, leading to a staggering total sentence of 121 years.

The Western Cape Police Commissioner, Thembisile Patekile, commended the dedication and hard work of the investigating officer and all those involved in bringing Jacobs to justice. Patekile expressed hope that the severe sentence imposed on Jacobs would serve as a deterrent to others involved in gang activities within the province.

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The imprisonment of Jamiel “Charra” Jacobs marks a significant victory in the ongoing battle against gang violence on the Cape Flats. The message is clear: those who engage in such criminal activities will face severe consequences, ensuring a safer future for the communities affected by their actions.

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Parusha Naidoo for SurgeZirc SA
Parusha Naidoo for SurgeZirc SA
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