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Limpopo Prophet Claims To Perform Miracles By Farting On Congregants’ Faces

It's not the first time he has been in the news. A couple of years ago he made headlines for anointing his congregation with condom oil and claiming the Holy Spirit had instructed him

Pastor Who Sits On People’s Faces/Photo File: SurgeZirc SA

Only in Africa can pastor(s) perform such a strange demonstration – a man of the cloth sitting on congregants’ faces or stepping on their bodies while he addresses the church. But Christ Penelope says it is all justifiable.

The unusual rituals of the self-proclaimed man of God were picked up by leading entertainment sites LADbible and starbiz. Both published pictures of Pastor Christ Penelope sitting on his church members’ faces and said he heals people by farting the Holy Spirit on their heads or nostrils.

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“He was reportedly passing the Holy Spirit on them. He even claims that his ‘wind’ is ‘anointed and instantly performs miracles'”

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Christ Penelope was accused of farting on congregants during his church service. When Drum reaches out to the Limpopo pastor for an explanation, he denies passing wind. The SevenFold Holy Spirit Ministries leader says he’s demonstrating God’s power, not farting.

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Christ Penelope admits he sits on people’s faces and steps on them as they lie flat on the floor but he says it’s nothing new in the church.

“It is the demonstration of God’s power. Just like God made Adam go into a deep sleep – it is a similar thing. God did anything with the body of Adam while he was on the ground in deep sleep. He was not feeling anything,” the pastor says.

“When someone is in a deep sleep you can do anything with the body “you can even drive a car over it or stand on them. It is God. The Bible doesn’t say anything about Adam saying, “God, you are hurting me”.

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Likewise, Christ Penelope says his congregants feel nothing when they are pinned on the ground. “When they wake up from the deep sleep, they will tell you that they didn’t feel anything. It is showing the power of God and those who needed healing are healed afterwards and others get to manifest at that moment,” he revealed.

When he stands on congregants, the pastor says it shows the power of God. The church leader says the criticism doesn’t worry him.”It doesn’t even bring hurt to me when people speak lies about you. Remember when people try to tarnish your image, that is when He shows his glory.”

His church in Siyandhani Village, Giyani, has been ‘winning souls and protecting the innocent’ since 2016. It’s not the first time he has been in the news. A couple of years ago he made headlines for anointing his congregation with condom oil and claiming the Holy Spirit had instructed him to let the congregants eat tetrapodophis, which is an extinct four-legged snake.

Christ Penelope says he is the spiritual son of another controversial church leader Professor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries. This was the man who made church members drink petrol and eat grass and millipedes.

Despite his detractors, he insists he will continue to do what he does. “As long as souls are won into the kingdom, he says. “He who sits on the throne laughs at his enemies.”

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